Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hasty Decision?

*This is a repost for this week's CSI challenge.

Yea! She's done!!!

I bought this little settee/chair for $35 at the thrift store...

...and worried I'd made a hasty decision. After some elbow grease and another $20, I'm quite pleased with how she turned out.

After pulling and ripping and literally man-handling the old upholstery, etc. off, I re-did the upholstery, er, the springs and such. I learned a few things I'd do different next time.

Since it's going in Sister's room, I opted for a very light pink. It's called rehearsal dinner. It's so light, it's practically white.

I put four, yes, four coats on her and let her dry.

And then began the upholstery part. Thanks to info found on this website (the nester sent me there), in combo with a book my neighbor loaned me, I think it turned out alright.

Once I finished the seat cushions, I sat down and breathed a sigh of held!

I can't wait to show Sister!



  1. It's amazing Jenn!! Seriously, I've paid $75 to get a chair like that recovered! How do you get the upholstery to "stay?"

  2. Beautiful! I loved it when you first posted this and I love it now!

  3. You have such great taste! I LOVE those colors together. Just the hint of pink is amazing.

    Love you too, Friend!

  4. So, so beautiful! I am amazed at your upholstery skills! I got a book at the library and felt so overwhelmed that I never even attempted a project. Maybe you could write your own version of "Upholstery for Dummies" for me--because even that book seemed a little complicated for me!

    So wonderful that God has given you an eye for beauty and potential--not just in objects, but in people too! I enjoyed reading about your homeschooling decision, and all of the effort and thought that you put into your sweet children. They are blessed to have a mama like you.

  5. I just found you at CSI. I love this chair! Your color choices are fantastic!

  6. It looks so good! I love your fabric choices and the soft, soft pink color!

  7. Love it!
    However, I thought your first photo was the "before" and the second was the "after" and I thought, oh, dear.
    I'm glad to see, as I scrolled down, that you didn't disappoint (since I've always admired your taste :)

  8. It looks so great! I'm always impressed by your projects. I know sister loved it.

  9. I came over from CSI - great job on the chair, it is beauitufl.