Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm not even sure where to begin. Life has been a whirlwind and we are breathless and content.

Last week, Wednesday - Sunday, we hosted our sweet missionary friends. The Engineer was out of town Wednesday-Friday, which meant hostessing solo. But like I said, they are our sweet friends. They didn't mind and were quick to jump in and help where needed.

Thursday we loaded up and headed out of town for a day on the farm. 

Which meant lots of hay bale crawling way up into the loft of a fabulously constructed barn and many happy, happy smiles!

The day couldn't have been more beautiful. The sky was radiant. Little Bit was styling in her farm dress and pink boots. She yanked her little oink pig hair clip out, which meant hair in the face all day long!

Sister jumped right in and loved on some horses.

And did a little dancing on the side.

And some happy feeding.

Notice Little Bit is holding up a handful of horse manure something. We washed really well.

It was a glorious day! In every way. 

And our week with friends was filled with late nights, laughter, sharing from our hearts, being awed by a budding computer code writer and an amateur photographer who I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see go pro. We got to hear beautiful poetry and funny children's stories and my mama heart identified with my dear friend's mama heart. 

I think almost everyone took a turn swinging on the porch and taking in this view - is God not magnificent!!! 

We played a little t-ball in the front yard and drank ice coffee until we could hold no more. 

It was a rich time together. I am always thankful for friends who constantly point us to Jesus and this family points and points. And on a side note - each night and every time they left the house, they made sure all their belongings - ALL of them - even from the bathroom - were put away in the guest room. Y'all, there were six of them! And their 15 year old son made his bed every morning. What??? I've never seen such conscientiousness.  They were a blessing to have!

In homeschooling news, we're wrapping up silent e. I just about did somersaults through the house when Sister grabbed me and begged to read to me. Hooray!!! It's happening!!! Woo hooo! She's traded out sleeping in Little Man's room in favor of reading late into the night in her own bed! I am pumped.

And I am thankful we are homeschooling. Flexibility has been such a blessing last week and this week (we're keeping my 2 year old nephew), too. We've done spelling in the car. Handwriting in car line. Language arts over breakfast. Read Little Pilgrim's Progress in the tub. Math spread out on the playroom floor with doll house pieces as manipulatives. The ability to be flexible is truly such a blessing! And seeing "the lights come on" - what a joy! What a gift!

Happy Weekend to you!


  1. Welcome back friend! I've missed you! The pictures were really something, captured the Glory you mentioned! Love them - just think of how your children will love looking back on these moments. Hope you have a JOYFUL weekend - the little happy is en route!! :)

  2. Love these! Especially the one of Little Bit holding up the "spmething" awesome!

  3. Wonderful, beautiful post my friend! I have missed you, but do understand...really, I do! :) So glad you had such a lovely visit...what a great joy! sound like a veteran homeschooling Mama...I'm thrilled!


  4. Happy to see I'm not the only one who sometimes homeschools in the car:) Love your day on the farm! So fun!

  5. Missed you too! Looks like you have been having a ball though! Loved the pics and the pink boots!

  6. So much to smile about, so much for which to give thanks.

    I love the fresh, innocent, exuberance that Sister exudes in your photos of her. She clearly loves the adventure of learning and life. I *know* she is a girl that I would want my own daughter to look up to. And, Little Bit, too -- I think she would be a great little friend for the Strawberry Girl.

  7. Love your farm day and I'm thinking I need to come sit in your swing! :)

  8. You capture motion and movement and emotion so well in your photos.

    They made me smile.