Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sister has been cheering with Upward for the basketball season. Awards night was Sunday evening. Unfortunately, by the time I juggled Little Bit and my camera, her squad had finished their cheer and were done on the stage.

This has been a great experience for her and in my humble opinion, she is scary good at cheering. We just need to work on yelling, not squealing. She's made some sweet friendships through this experience and we've met girls and mamas from several different walks of life. It has been eye opening and I think has helped Sister realize just a little bit that life isn't all about self.

Her coach was awesome and way dedicated - she let us film an entire practice so Sister could keep up while we were out of town back in January.

Changing gears, yesterday I kept hearing thuds in the dryer, but could not, for the life of me find the culprit. After major sorting, I felt something hard in the pocket of a pair of Little Man's pants. Hmmm....I unzipped the pocket and reached deep. It was a screw driver, tip pointed up. I am so thankful he didn't have a debilitating accident. I returned the pants to the dryer, but the thuds continued. I pulled the same pair of pants out and realized he'd housed a small hammer in another pocket.

Little Bit has taken to all out temper tantrums. Like, clenched fists, throwing stuff, SCREAMING and when eye contact is made, shutting hers, as if you will disappear or aren't there because she chooses not to look. It's awesome, y'all.

Before bed Monday night, I found on my bedside table, a camellia and a leaf on which were written the words, "Mom, I love you." Sweetness.

We hung the stick chandelier in the guest room. I have some tweaking to do and will share once it's all good.

In other news, we took "winter break" along with a few schools in our area on Friday and Monday. Essentially, Monday felt like Saturday. And so for whatever reason, Tuesday felt like Monday. And  so yesterday, I forgot it was actually Tuesday and DIDN'T TAKE LITTLE MAN TO SCHOOL. By the time I realized my error, it was too late. I mean, seriously, what is wrong with me? I called his teacher to explain. She was gracious. So gracious.

Tonight some dear friends arrive! A sweet missionary family we can't wait to spend the rest of the week with!!! It's been several years since they've visited. In fact, the last time they were here my heart was raw from a miscarriage and tubal pregnancy and they prayed with me, beseeching God to give us another baby. Five months later we learned we were expecting our precious Little Man.

So, with that being said, I'm signing off until sometime next week. Enjoy yours, sweet friends.


  1. Isn't God good! I love it when events, people, things or dates cause us to remember places we've been in our lives AND then we see God's faithfulness. How far He leads us, how gently he grows us and how much he teaches us. He is truly an amazing father. Love him!
    Enjoy your week, glad you got your days straightened out, that made me giggle! :)

  2. Have a wonderful rest of the week my friend! What an interesting beginning to it! ;-)

    I'm praying for you....


  3. Too funny! Apart from the obvious dangers associated with finding screw drivers in's not the slimy fishing bait worms that my young man often leaves in his pockets..he always laughs out loud when he hears me scream from the laundry room!
    Have a great week!!

  4. Since G's day off is Monday, I often have to ask myself throughout the week, "Ok, what day is it?" It usually feels like Saturday on Monday. :) So happy about Little Man. Still praying for what we talked about - love you. You've also been prayed for randomly as I've made avocado dip for lunch the last few days. Love you!

  5. I'm enjoying your blog! My little bit is enjoying her temper tantrums, also. She likes to bury herself in the floor of her closet with clenched fists and kick and scream. I agree with you- awesome....

  6. This is such a great organization. I missed the sign-up deadline this year (argh!) and have felt guilty all season.

    So glad you all are able to partake!

  7. It sounds like you are doing well, my friend!

    Lots of love sent your way!