Monday, May 17, 2010

Winding Down

This sweet year is coming to a close. This rich season is coming to an end. It's bittersweet. While I am thrilled over the thought of NO SCHOOL for an entire summer...I cannot believe my baby girl, who just started Kindergarten, yesterday, wasn't it? Is finishing this week. She is so big. She is so mature. She is reading. She is precious and I love her dearly. No more morning carpool, or afternoon carpool. Sigh. The mundane of this year is coming to a close. I am determined to savor these last few days. And I am excited with our summer plans...specifically with homeschooling next year! But I am sad (and happy) that she is SO GROWN UP. When did it happen?

She's also figured out a few things about being the oldest. I had her feather dusting this afternoon. Little Man pleaded to feather dust. As I pondered the best resolve, Sister piped up, "You can be my assistant."

To which he immediately replied, "Okay!"

"Now Little Man," said she, "you are my assistant and my assistant does whatever I say."

"Yes sir, Captain." said he.

"Get me some water, Assistant."

"Yes, Captain." And he marched into the kitchen, singing "hup, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three, four, yes Captain!" and fetched her a cup of water.

Which she promptly, accidentally, knocked from his hands and declared, "you're the assistant. Now you have to clean that up."

And he did.

I can't wait to see what happens the day he figures out she's not "the boss of him."

Little Bit has another double ear infection. She's not been a happy camper. Lots of holding, cuddling, and in general, babying. Given her mobility and desire for independence, while I hate for her to be in pain, I have thoroughly enjoyed her need for some motherly affection.

We're on day six. She's mending nicely.

I'm making progress on the little love seat. Thanks to my Superman, all those stubborn nails, etc. have been removed. I photographed the "taking apart" of everything, have bought nearly all my replacement supplies, and hope to begin sanding and painting in the next few days. Hoping to...

Check out the holster.

And the cukes. Two for the eyes and one in the mouth.

I couldn't even believe it when I saw it. I thought they were teasing. They were really. Both. Asleep. And that shelf in the background is progress. The bases are in. The first shelf is up. We're still in the skeletal phase, but I'll take it! (See that wire thing to the right? That's PART of Warrior's kennel. Uh-huh.)

The past few mornings the sun streaming into our living room has caused me to pause. The quiet solitude those last few minutes before the children stir is most welcome. I find myself smiling and breathing deeply as I read and sip my cappuccino. When the pitter patter of little feet and the hoarse cries of "mama" begin, I find I am much better prepared to lovingly reach out my hands. (Of course, if said child is whiny or their pleas are to me, in excess, and when two need me at once, let alone three, which happens frequently, I find that sweet attitude of mine has a tendency to disappear. Without thinking, I forget everything I read that morning, or for that matter, have been taught all my life, I don my flesh, and the process of death to self begins. And while laying down our lives is beautiful in light of the Gospel, death to self can be rather gruesome.


  1. Another thoroughly enjoyable post J!! I love my visits with you! Hang in there and enjoy EACH day as it comes!! How wonderful to have this journal of real will look back and relish the memories you have recorded here! Too cute the story of your little man being assistant to your big girl! How sweet that you caught your two men asleep on the times. :)

    Have a lovely summer!!
    With Love,

    P.S. I am so excited you have started your thankfulness really is a joy! :)

  2. Oh, J, your smile is simply perfect and gorgeous!

    As for sister, I know you are saddened by her growing up so fast! That has got to be tough!

    Poor little MC! Double ear infections sound pitiful-Emma has been super clingy lately too-I tried to put her down to feed the dogs and go to the bathroom and she just screamed, "Mama!!!" Pitiful, but I was beginning to get irritated-then I said, "Self, this is your baby and she needs you and everything else can wait." Thank you Jesus for that baby girl!

    Glad you are all well!
    PS-can you email me-where do you live?? :D

  3. Ahh...I'm looking forward to summer too. Though I haven't figured out how I'm going to grocery shop with the four of them with me all summer...sure I'll figure it out...trial and error probably! ;-)

    Our Little Man has been battling a cold too (that I now have) but I also cherish the extra cuddle time he requires! I know he doesn't feel good, but he's just so darn sweet when he's under the weather!!!

    And yes, very cute pic of your 2 men asleep on the couch!!!

  4. Your children have such beautiful eyes!

    LOVE the holster, and the cukes, and your early morning living room!

  5. I love the last sentence of your post. Could probably write a whole book on this.

  6. Your last paragraph described me to a T. I'm so with you. There was one point the other day when all six where needing or wanting something from me at the same time. I yelled, "There's only one of me and six of you!" I hate yelling, but oh my goodness, it was madness!

    I just hate it when babies get ear infections. I'm so glad she is getting better. She is just so cute!

    Loved the pic of the boys sleeping. How sweet is that?

    You are shining, my friend!


  7. Such a sweet post! I am right there with you about carpool! I don't think I will miss it considering I spend 2 1/2 hours a day when I have to take both boys. I am a little scared as well as excited about homeschooling Briggs for second grade! They do grow up so fast!
    Max is just like T3 when Briggs tells him what to do. He is so funny when I tell him he can have 10 more minutes to play and he says," no mom, I want 5 minutes." He will learn all too quickly!
    Hope MC is better soon!

  8. Lovely post. I was just sent to your blog by a reader of my blog. I was looking for a salsa recipe. I plan to give it a try later today. Love your blog!

  9. Oh,J, that pic of you and Sister is so beautiful! What a joy to see you raising your kids day by day as they *tear* grow up... I am quite excited about Maggie's homeschooling, too. Missing you, dear friend!

  10. Oh,J, that pic of you and Sister is so beautiful! What a joy to see you raising your kids day by day as they *tear* grow up... I am quite excited about Maggie's homeschooling, too. Missing you, dear friend!

    P.S. Your guys sleeping together on the couch is definitely one of those grab-the-camera moments! Priceless!