Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So It's Been A Bit...

Our hands have been full to overflowing and the blog, though I do love it, needed to take a backseat to life.

My sweet nephew (2) spent a week with us. That was adventure and fun non-stop. My hat is off to you mothers of four! I sat on the sofa one afternoon, waiting for Little Man to complete a quick task, only to wake a few minutes later to his shouts. I'd passed out. Right there. Total exhaustion. 

This sweet thing is TROUBLE! Good things she's so cute! I believe we have hit the "terrible twos" at the ripe age of 20 months. In my mother-in-law's words, "I do believe she's your most strong willed one, yet!" She is a w-i-l-d woman!

And she loves her some dress up clothes and purses and hats and jewelry, too.

And when she doesn't get her way...look out! Scripture tells us that we are all born sinful. Having children undoubtedly confirms this truth.

Little Man is crazy and wild and full of life as ever. He is nearly four and tells us he plans to "get a bow and arrow and go to college when I'm pour."

Back to this little diva. If you turn your back for just one second, she'll be up the steps in no time. Playing in Sister's doll house. Trying on jewelry. Putting on lipstick. Coloring on whatever she can get her hands on. And usually carrying two purses at once. You know, one for each arm.

She keeps us laughing and worn out!

And this is life today. And I am tired. 

The children spent a long weekend with the grands! Which was wonderful for all involved! Despite the fact that I forgot to pack Little Bit's inhaler.

And The Engineer and I hit it big time. We ate out. We slept in. We stayed up late. We painted and sawed and hammered. We made a mess and lived in it for days. 

The first fruits of trimming in the bookcases! 

And while we had time to ourselves, we went to the batting cages. The Engineer played baseball in high school. (Actually, since he was 7.) I will never forget the first time I saw him in his uniform. I could feel my face turn red (in front of his MOTHER!). He was just so good lookin'. Add a little over a decade to that and with the way he's been exercising and eating healthy...wow. I am speechless and the whole time he was batting I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. He is one FINE man.

And back to life today. Reality.

All of it points to abundance and rich blessings. Bags to unpack. Groceries to put away. Laundry to wash. Beds to change. We are blessed. 

And in my heart, today, honestly, I struggle with being thankful. And then I feel so convicted - perhaps I should take my eyes off myself and look around. I remember an email a missionary friend who lives in Japan sent only a few days ago in which she shared about a conversation she'd had with a woman who doesn't know the Lord. This woman was in the subway when the earthquake hit and feared she'd be buried alive. "Would God be with me in that situation? How do I pray in a situation like that?" And I am convicted. How trite and petty are my grumblings. 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love your beautiful messy house, it's looks very familiar. : )
    Your heart is beating along the same lines as mine has been lately. Life is good and I lack to truly take it all in and thank the One who gives me this life each day.

  2. I so happy for you and your wonderful weekend without the kiddos! :) Little Bit is precious with those big blue eyes.

  3. Sorry-I have been a blog lurker (not in a creepy way!!) for a while. I came to your blog through your sister's blog which I found through her friend Lindsey who I don't remember how I found now :)

    Anyway, I had to comment (and I'm not generally a commenter so that says a lot about how strongly I feel about this) how much I LOVE the way you look at the mess. Some people would just see the mess and instead, you see it as a blessing. You HAVE stuff to put away and you HAVE food to eat. I just wanted to tell you how much I was struck by your perspective and am going to make a conscious effort to incorporate that into my way of thinking :)I think a lot of people would do well to think this way.

    Thank you for sharing your family and life the way you do. Your phoography is gorgeous by the way!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Thanks for posting mess pictures! And I needed that and your perspective today. Love the new bed, too. Hugs to all.

  5. Girl, you made me blush with all that talk about baseball uniforms! :) I can get butterflies if I think about my true love turning his hat around backwards on the tennis court.
    So hooray for husbands and sports and sweat and flutters and blushing!

  6. Oh man...strong willed children. Yes, good thing she's SO cute!

    The library is looking AMAZING. Seriously - like a magazine!

  7. Sweet Jenn ~ I figured something was *up*...you are precious. I've needed a little break too...it's necessary once in awhile.

    Love you!!

  8. See what I mean about the "eyes popping?" Look at those big eyes! Fabulous photos, my friend! Love this post and so glad you guys got a little break. Much deserved - thankful for family who will help us out!