Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gettin' Old

Yesterday I loaded up a decent size bag of garbage and hauled her out to the big can.

I was on the phone while attending said task.

And when I went to heave the bag up and into the can...

I felt something pull in my back.

Almost instantly it hurt to breath and I could barely move my right arm.

Two Aleve, one heating pad, and nine hours of sleep later - I feel much better. Thank You, Lord!

After injuring myself, I asked The Engineer, "Isn't it only old people who get hurt like that? I mean, I was throwing away a bag of garbage!" He just grinned and nodded. 

Today we have spent the later part of the morning and early afternoon outside. It's a beautiful day. 

Little Bit likes to zoom head first into the dirt areas of our yard, and then can't zoom out. It does my heart good to see Little Man helpin' a sista out. 

I have been inspired by this series of posts here, to continue cleaning out and purging. Reading Sarah's thoughts on the necessity of one, maybe two Sunday outfits per child has me pumped. This is something I have long thought and pursued, and hearing it from another young mama has me encouraged. Little Man wears the same yellow suit to church every Sunday. It was The Engineer's when he was a boy. Personally, I think this greatly simplifies life. And right now, simple is quite good.

See what happens when I take my eyes off her for a second!? (lips and cheek)

And in closing, I came across a few old journal entries and these two quotes brought a smile to my face...

The first one is when we told Sister we were expecting Little Bit:
"It makes my heart twinkle and sparkle that God answered my prayer. It makes me want to have a parade!"

And the second is from an afternoon of playing "adoption."
"I mean, mother, why would you want to adopt us? Little Man smells bad."

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Sorry I've gotten you used to Walmart bags ;) Glad you're feeling better!
    love you,

  2. Ouch. Glad your back is better :)

    I absolutely love that LM wears the Engineer's yellow suit to church. That is precious.

    Thanks for the shout out. I'm LOVIN' the simple life these days.

  3. Ohhhh Jenn!!! So, it begins! I have had *those* moments with my back over the years...take care!! Strengthening exercises are in order. So glad it didn't keep you *down and out* for too long.

    GORGEOUS photos (as per usual)!

    Lotsa love,

  4. Ha Ha! Great quotes!

    I'm glad you are OK. I have had back problems since I broke my back when I turned 15 in a car accident. I know all about that kind of pain. It stinks!

    As far as getting old...I was driving to thes today and totally blanked out on my age. I had to ask one of my kids. He told me and I still questioned it. Yikes! He was right and I was wrong! LOL!

  5. Love that last pic :)
    Every kid's gotta do it! Oliver came to supper that way.

    I'm thinking about doing the 40 bags (yes, still just THINKING about it) but I'm afraid I could do 40 in the first day! Oh dear.

    Happy Wednesday.

  6. Oh man hope your back feels better!

    love all the pics...gorgeous as always!

  7. Seriously, I hurt my knee at the first softball practice and I'm not even sure how?!? We aren't really getting old are we? I'm glad your back in better. Lovin' the tees during a fun afternoon!

  8. Your children are so adorable! It looks like they have lots of fun outside. I love seeing kids play that way, with no battery opperated toys or plug ins in sight!

    As far as the pain goes, I experienced some of that first hand after one vicious snowball fight with some of my youth group girls a few weeks ago. My oh my - who knew you could get that stiff before the age of 30? Oh well....I guess age and the accompanying aches and pains happens to the best of us!

  9. youch! glad you're better. and isn't sarah barry amazing? just another ole auburn gal to add to my "i need to be more like her" list (that you're at the top of!!). love you!