Monday, April 26, 2010

Boys and Life...

Good morning! I am sweet and happy and almost crawling!

And the babies...they are growing. They weren't as active yesterday and I feared our neighbor's cat had done away with their mama. (She's been stalking the nest for a while now.) Little Bit and I snuck around the back side of the house and stood still in the yard for quite some time...and finally we saw her! I'm so glad she's okay!

We made a HUGE treat this weekend...jello. Per Little Man's request. And we ate with the family sherbet cups! They sure dressed things up.

A recent thrift store find. At $35, I hesitated. You can't tell from the picture, but it's rather small. Almost like someone shrunk it a bit, but I snatched her up, nonetheless. Sister and I began prying brass tacks off yesterday afternoon. We have grand plans to paint her light, light, light pink and reupholster her. I think she will be lovely in Sister's room! And just the right size.

I just wanted to keep it real. Life, that is. This is what my living room looks like today. I am utterly convinced that God is in the details - even the seemingly insignificant ones. Little Man needed shorts. I went through our tubs of "to grow into" hand me downs, I scoured the thrift store, but all to no avail. I'd resigned myself to paying retail (you know, on sale at Target retail). While I scoured those thrift store racks, I'd asked God to lead me to shorts for Little Man...while He didn't provide via the thrift store, only a few days later, and before my planned Target trip, a friend dropped off a few garbage size bags of hand me downs...with at least FIVE pairs of shorts that are a perfect fit. (And I am a little bit picky.) I know God answered my prayer. And for a lot less.

We're still working in the den/soon to be library. T emptied the only standing bookshelf and has begun building bases for what will become wall to wall book shelves! Hooray!

Until then, we're living like this. And that's alright.

Warrior. Warrior. Need I say more? In case you aren't clear as to what that is, er, was an extension cord. I'd let him out, and when I let him back in, well, at over 100lbs, he ran right past me, jerking his collar from my hand, and darted under the bed. I'm not real good at getting a huge beast out from under the bed. I figured eventually, he'd come out.

He came out alright, after he'd chewed the last bit of cord that was plugged into the wall. Did he get shocked? Not hard enough if you ask me.

And a little bit more of life...

"Many women admit that raising boys has been a special challenge...Boys are bent on making messes, teasing the other siblings, racing through the house, and challenging the every decision and order that comes their way."
-Dr. James Dobson from Bringing Up Boys

This is what he used...

To do this.

I'll never understand. And that's okay.


  1. Looks like y'all are busy with home improvements again! Can't wait to see! You should do a post on a home tour (if that wouldn't be too invasive :D) Love sister's chair!

  2. Dear J ~ So good to "see" you here again so soon...I miss you when you are gone for long stretches...BUT...I DO understand...OH I DO!! :)

    I *love* the little chair you found...soooo cute!

    AND...the shorts you prayed for ~ how WONDERFUL that the LORD provided just what you liked and needed. Blessings! Funny how we think the answer will come one way and it comes from another direction. ALWAYS from HIS hand though! :)

    Dear me! So sorry about the glass. :(

    LOVE the pics in this post...your pics are always a pleasure to enjoy!

    Have a WONDERFUL week!

  3. Oh that is not good! What in the world did he do that for? I know, I know, "He's a boy"! I love that quote from Dobson! Perfect!

    Your baby is sooooo beautiful!

    Your chair is amazing. What a find!

    I love it when God gives us what we need and answers our prayers. When garbage sacks of clothes arrive on our porch with exactly what we needed, I am so grateful and amazed.

    I believe it is because he wants to bless us for managing our finances, giving to Him and not being in debt.

    BTW, I will share more pics of the yard as it starts to bloom. So many things to blog about, so little time.

    I'm doing better with my little blogging addiction! LOL!

  4. MC is soo beautiful! I think my life would be a little easier if I didn't ask "why" of my boys! Maybe one day I'll learn! I don't know how you do it all, especially the dog!

  5. I love real life with it's beautiful, messy moments. Little Man is all boy isn't he? And a cute one at that even if windows do get broken. For the record, I don't understand my boys either.

    MC is darling!

    So glad to see that house projects are still rolling along.

    You'll have to show us the chair when you and Sister finish if. Great find.

    I want some silver sherbet dishes!

  6. Dear J---The baby is so bright-looking and well-loved,the boy is so confident and cherished, and you are clearly doing everything right!

  7. Such a beautiful picture of Little Bit!