Monday, February 7, 2011

Surprise, Surprise.

You might remember that post from last summer, the one where I gloated over how proud I was and still am of Sister for working her little tail off to buy Kaya?

She's done it again, folks! 

Only this time, her sights were set on Felicity. If you get the American Girl Doll catalog, you might know that Felicity was "retiring" after Christmas. Which meant limited quantities and one concerned six year old.

A few days after Christmas, she had the last needed dollar in hand. She worried Felicity would be gone. The Engineer told her she'd done all she could do and not to worry about what was out of her control. She had no idea we'd ordered and hidden Felicity several months earlier.

Once home from Augusta, we called her downstairs. The Engineer reminded her of the long conversation they'd had about doing what she could do and not worrying about the rest. We counted out every last dollar. And then I went for the hidden box.

The look on her face was priceless. She was breathless. So surprised. So excited. And I, well I was giddy. Straight up giddy. Couldn't wipe the smile from my face giddy! 

We've been enjoying a lot of this. Actually, Little Bit and I have been enjoying a lot of this. But we'll make oatmeal lovers out of the rest of 'em! These are steel cut oats. I accidentally bought the "ready in five minutes" quick cook version. Still, they are delicious. So much better than regular ol' instant oatmeal. I cook them according to the package directions, slice a banana very thinly, add some milk, a dash of brown sugar, and top with almonds. Divine, I say. Try it. Bet you'll like it.

Meet "old faithful." She faithfully served my MIL's friend's mother for many, many years and then she came to live with us. She has served us well and I have loved her dearly. However, the last few months she's been giving me fits. Small explosions of the flame type. The kind that, when I open the oven door, a giant flame blasts out and climbs up my arms, or most recently, that burn the loose wispies around my face and make my eye lids sting, leaving the stench of burning hair.

And so a few Saturdays ago The Engineer informed me we weren't cooking another thing on that stove. The plan? To find the cheapest replacement possible at Lowes or Home Depot. 

This pained me greatly. I hate to replace something unless I can replace it with what I really want. And what I really want isn't in the game plan right now. So I pleaded for a quick look on craigslist. Perhaps we could find something for the same price as the lowest end model at Lowes, but a smidge nicer?

God is good. All the time. And this time, He provided so much more lavishly than I'd dreamed.

Look a little closer.

That's FIVE burners!!! I've already employed all five at once. It is WONDERFUL. And, the broiler - it works!!! This is the first time in my marriage - in NINE years - that I have had a broiler that works!!! I am so thankful!

Never mind the fact that we worked out a verbal contract over the phone with a woman who had already moved out of town...whose sister was "watching the house" - let me translate - is living in the house. And is crazy,  like medicated crazy, and we had to deal with crazy sister and a SHERIFF for the transaction - crazy sister who accused me of trying to burn the house down and then turned and was sweet as sweet could be to our children and then turned back on us and um, wasn't. So. Sweet. Crazy sister whose sane sister had called earlier and told The Engineer that crazy sister really was crazy and to expect it. The Engineer forgot to tell me. Oops. Careful when you deal with craigslist, y'all.

So again, I stand in awe over the ways God provides. 

Sister has mastered her letter clusters (ue for glue, ew for new, etc.) We played "duck pond" to make sure. I got it set up and Sister said, "Guess Uncle LOML knows it's Duck Season!" Ha!

We're praying through some big decisions about school for next year. As we talk and pray and offer to the Lord what is on our hearts, seeking His guidance, I can't help but look to the heavens, from where my help comes, and thank Him for a sweet and peaceful morning with three wonderful children. 

And "Miss Spoonful," thanks for the inspiration!!! I believe The Engineer's words were, "Oh. Nice."

Happy Monday!


  1. This post made me smile. I'm thrilled about your new stove. It makes all the difference in the world to cook with a good one.

    And of course I love the hearts {and the Engineer's response}.

    Hope y'all are feeling better too!

  2. Loved this post Jenn! How wonderful about that stove! (Sorry that you had a little *incident* with the lady who did the transaction with you...but other than that...wonderful!) LOL!

    Your little girl and saving for Felicity and you having it set aside for her was too times! Emma has Emily...WWII British girl...we all love her. Today when I took the children to Music Lessons, Emma brought Emily in the car...when I looked back (after leaving the music school) I saw that Emily was strapped into Emma's booster I said...she is loved. :)

    Praying with you for those school decisions...God is good and HE will guide you in the coming days. HE is faithful...ALL THE TIME! Hang in there and continue to look to HIM!

    With Love,

  3. Oh Jenn, that is so precious, y'all getting that doll for her! Sooo sweet!

    And that oven is great!! Lots of improvement it looks like. I would LOVE to hear you tell the crazy lady story! Ha!

    I can't wait to hear what y'all are considering for school next year! :D

  4. This post was awesome! What you are teaching sister (and brother and LB) is AWESOME!!! The lessons they are learning will last a lifetime. If more parents would teach their children these types of things their future would be much brighter (Im included in that). I hope that one day we can teach our children those valuable lessons! Way to go Momma (and Engineer)

    And the awesome is that? Except for the whole crazy lady thing, but im sure it was at least "interesting". HA! So glad you got what you really wanted and more!

    And lastly, the school issue. I CANT WAIT to hear what you guys decide. Especially since I am considering the HS route for our family too! Your sister has said you would be willing to talk (email) with your advise/suggestions/experience if I needed it. Anyways I cant wait to hear what the plan is for next year.......keep us posted!

  5. Love everything about this post. Well, except the crazy sister lady! WOW!! Craiglist comes at a price, huh?
    Love your new stove, that is awesome, God is awesome!!

  6. What a super surprise! Of course, like a good Mommy, your ordered it early :)

    Oh, what a funny Crazy Sister story!

    Love the artwork.

  7. That was so SWEET of you to get Felicity for her! If our girls ever meet, they will be best friends! They can talk American Girls and Little House on the Prairie all day long! :)

    HILARIOUS story about the stove--my old one used to burn my eyelashes too. I got the model I didn't really want from the clearance at Home Depot because I was too scared to try Craigslist. I totally should have! Dealing with a few minutes of crazy was definitely worth that gorgeous stove! How sweet of the Lord to provide for you--who loves to cook--exactly what you were desiring. He is so faithful and sweet in the small things--I hope that gives your heart courage as you look to Him for the bigger things too! I'll pray for you as you bring your school choices before Him!

    Happy Tuesday to you! :)

  8. 8am at DHR this morning...and your post has already made me smile, and made me shed a sweet tear. What a beautiful spirit that precious Sister has! Seems alot like her mommy!

    The STOVE! Ours blew up last month and my dear found a way to fix it (plus the cost of the part and the time it took to get it off backorder)! We were without for almost 3 weeks! My crockpot and I made good friends!!

    Praying you find peace and wisdom in whatever decisions you are seeking resolution to about school! These things are so tough when they involve our babies!

  9. I LOVE your climate at home! I thought we were the only ones who often have "shirtless wonders" banging around the house, boys can be found with painted toenails and lipstick on, make pallets on the kitchen floor with blanket and pillows, and just somedays revel in general messiness, sickliness, and a blissful exuberant whirlwind (some people would call it chaos.....); but what a wonderful thing to which we've been called! I think of these days and of letting grace RUN OVER and how rare it is that grace fits into the confines of what our expectations are.....maybe I'm not making sense, but I can see that you are spilling the love of Jesus into your children and I love that but more importantly it makes the angels sing with glory to God!

  10. J - I'm smiling at your post for so many reasons. How God provided for your absence of "old faithful". At Sister's hard work and your sweetness. And at Brother's lack of a shirt. J immediately went and took off his shirt so they could be alike. Happy all are on the mend. Praying for y'all!


    Congrats to sister though for persevering. You must be so proud of her!

    Nice stove too, by the way. I would love extra burner!

  12. Came over from my sister Maryanne's your blog. Amazing how God provided you that stove. We have had many similar situations ourselves and most from craigslist. Thankfully everyone we've dealt with has been sane...

  13. Love, love this. A reminder that His timing isn't our timing ... but always so much sweeter because of it.


  14. ok...the first pic of sister discovering her doll...i had to smile at little man sitting on the couch, TOTALLY consumed in something else, not caring a bit about his sister's big surprise!! boys!

    and whoa baby. old faithful has been replaced by a shiny black cadillac! she's a beauty!! to cook with's my dream. i mean, i don't want to have gas. i want my stove to. to use my dutch oven on. HA!

    love you, sister!

  15. We're big fans of oatmeal in my house, too. I love steel cut, too, but sometimes I don't have time in the morning to make them. Have you ever tried making them in a slow cooker? I do it all the time and they turn out great - and just in time for breakfast.

  16. LOL! Crazy!!!

    I'm so happy that she got an AG doll. They are beautiful, aren't they. My daughter does not take care of her toys well enough for me to invest in such a doll. I am hoping someday she will because I LOVE them. I settled for the knock off version at WalMart. They aren't historical though. I wish they had some that were. Oh well! She still likes it.

    Love ya!