Friday, February 4, 2011

Rockin' It, Baby!!!

Ok, first of all, this might be one of my all time favorite photos! I can't help but smile every time I see it. That is love. Pure and

Meet the "pink pan." He is not the same as the Pink Panther, lest you get the two mixed up. He does, however, prowl about and make terrible "grrrrr" sounds and, he is pink.

Last night completely rocked!

While I prepped dinner (if you haven't tried this recipe, you are seriously missing out!), Sister got all dolled up!

And then we retired to the library. As we walked in, Little Man walked out, only, it took me a few minutes to realize he hadn't returned, and by that time, well, this is what I found. He was rockin' some lipgloss from Sister's caboodle.

Little Bit is still on meds for her ears, but the breathing treatments are down to every six hours. She is so much more her beautiful little self and I am so thankful for a wonderful pediatrician and for modern medicine. Thank You, Lord!!!

Little Man seemed to rally at dinner. I thought for sure the worst was behind us.

And dinner, dinner was so much fun! Normally we don't allow toys at dinner, but somehow, someone snuck that little rodent onto the table...and we all had a good laugh!

Post dinner we had an impromptu rock out/jam/dance session in the kitchen. First to Stevie Wonder (for the benefit of The Engineer's ego - this was my pick), and then to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And then while we all pitched in to clear the table, Little Bit escaped to the purple caboodle and promptly applied some hot pank (yes, PANK) lipstick.

And now let me update you on our exciting life of meds, thermometers, lysol, and lots of tears and of last night, I thought for sure we were on the upward swing.

Alas, not so fast. Little Man came down crying in the wee hours this morning. This time...his ear hurt. He was writhing in pain and running fever. A little tylenol and some ear numbing drops (thanks Little Bit!) and about 42 stories and one mama hanging off the edge of the queen size bed later, and he was asleep. And slept until 8:30 this morning, at which time he awoke in tears. I'd already scheduled a visit with the doc.

We broke out the homeschool around nine. I thought I was being so clever. I packed a basket with books from the playroom for Little Man and pulled out a basket of toys for Little Bit and had all of Sister's written work clipped to her clip board. I was so organized...but it all fell apart fast. Little Man was fussy and teary saying he didn't "feel too good" and then more tears because he only wanted to find Waldo and couldn't and "needed" my immediate help! And Little Bit only wanted me to read to her and every time I put her down from my lap, she came right back with the same book and more signing "please" and stomping excitedly. 

Sister kept trying to tell Little Man where Waldo was...and finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I was determined to have a break during rest time today, rather than homeschooling, for the sake of my sanity. And Sister is on a roll and I didn't want to miss a day!

So I filled Little Bit's bed with babies and books and thank the Lord, she was content for over an hour. Literally, PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thank you God!!! You knew I needed that!!!

And I put Little Man in front of a movie.

And Sister and I rocked some homeschool...AND she read the first paragraph of 100 Pounds of Popcorn...a book her Bobo (my mom) read when she was a little girl...

And at 1:20 this afternoon we went to hang with the pediatrician and his awesome nurses...again.

One peek in his right ear and Dr. B confirmed it. Little Man has a bad ear infection. Sister asked him what an ear infection looks like and he broke out the illustrations of the inner ear and explained what was going on with Little Man's ear infection and he even let me and Sister peek inside Little Man's ear. I said "Oh wow. That is amazing." Sister said she felt like she might throw up.

And then as Dr. B explained further, he glanced at his computer screen and said, "Oh. The results are in. His flu test came back POSITIVE."

So we're rockin' it over here! Rockin' some antibiotics! Rockin' some popsicles! Rockin' some movie watchin'! And rockin' some serious cuddling!

And in the midst of it all, Warrior is limping, again. So he also had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and got a shot of cortisone. 

And I am SO thankful The Engineer is home for the weekend! God's timing is perfect! It's rainy here tonight and we're tucked in and cozy and thankful, thankful, thankful for our pediatrician and his staff and for modern meds! And for left-overs for the children and cracked pepper and olive oil triscuits, light creamy swiss cheese, and cabernet for the grown-ups!

Now go rock your weekend!!!


  1. That picture is hilarious! I cannot believe you have a Caboodle still-that is Sa-weet! And the lip gloss break in!!! ;) how old is LB again? Look at her using a fork!

  2. Bless you. We've been rockin' it over here, too. Flu + stomach bug = YUCK. Hope y'all are on the mend soon!

  3. Oh my soul! I am so sorry that you guys are sick. NO fun. And the flu?! What?! Poor little man!! Hang in are right, the timing is just right. I have had my "engineer" home all week, and it has been absolutely wonderful! Will pray for healing! Oh, and have I ever told you that I adore that huge bulletin board in your eating area? Must do that in our home once the Kater Tater starts creating artwork!

  4. Aw, you're such a good mama, Jenn! Keep your chin up, they'll all be well before you know it! I can say that I know exactly how you feel because when we get sick, all 6 of us kids get sick! :( And it's NO fun, I know. Love you and hoping everyone gets to feeling back to their happy cute selves soon. Can't wait to give you a big hug soon! :D LOVE YOU!

  5. I see a sassy "new" outfit in the mirror/camera photo. I am so sorry it has been such a week for you! I'm hoping everyone is well by Sunday. That is my prayer for you and me. :) Night.

  6. I haven't had a ton of time to do anything but read lately - I just want you to know that I'm praying for your family!

  7. Bless YOUR heart! Praying for a speedy recovery for those sweet little ones, and strength for your soul!

  8. Oh my goodness! Things are crazy in your household right now... and homeschooling all the while? Wow.
    Hope everyone is well soon. You're hilarious the way you tell the story, though. I have to laugh in spite of the sadness of it all :)

  9. Just wondering what type of camera you are shooting with...

  10. beautiful pictures - absolutely love the first one. i hope all your little babies get better - it's just no fun being sick. but sick cuddle time can sometimes be the best, though