Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Spread of Fancy Nancy

Dear Fancy Nancy,
You have some super fancy lotion! It's pink, make that "pank." It's sparkly. It smells real good. 

In fact, your lotion smells so good and it's soooo pretty, even Super Man can't resist its fanciness.

You see, Fancy Nancy, Little Man Super Man was supposed to be napping yesterday. But instead of napping, he crawled across his bedside table and grabbed his Sister's big ol' tube of your fanciest pank lotion. I'm not sure where he started, I just know he filled the lid of Sister's tervis tumbler. He rubbed a heaping dose of your fancy pank lotion on Sister's bla bla doll- thank goodness she's pink. He smeared your fancy pank lotion all over Sister's quilt. He spread your fancy pank lotion all over his quilt. Then he made handprints on his blanket - big, fancy, pank boy handprints. Then he squeezed what was left of your fancy pank lotion on the rug. The cream colored rug.

Fancy Nancy, you are one fancy girl! And Little Man has one fancy smellin' room with a fancy pank spotted carpet. 

Fancy that.

*Blog Post title by Sister


  1. Sister, this post is awesome! I'm going to start saying "pank."

    Congratulations on your new doll. I'm so proud of you for working so hard to save your money. Felicity is beautiful :)

  2. LOTION. I almost hate keeping it in the house. It's like a siren call to curious little men. My boy decided to get globs of Aquaphor and run up and down the hallway leaving long smears of goop on the walls. That was FUN cleaning, let me tell you! At least yours was a fancy pank and made the place smell sweet! :)

  3. OHHHHHH JENNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Great post title (please tell Sister)...Great photos (the work of Mom)...and oh the joy of boys!!!!! Hang in there my friend! These are the things great memories are made of! You will laugh about this one day...I promise.


  4. Wow - you have quite the gift that you're able to see the humor in a rather "pank" situation like that! I think I'd be crying pank tears at the thought!

  5. Hey at least it was "pank", good smellin' lotion...could have been worse! Congrats on the new stove!! I might be just a tad jealous :)

  6. Wow! Well, looks like Little Man is feeling better! Sometimes you wonder what is going through their minds?? Tervis Tumbler?? Really?? I am so glad you record all this. My big girls ask me all the time "what were we like when we were little?" Little Man is going to have some stories! Just think, life would be so boring without him. This is what we all say around our house about Elizabeth! He's a hoot!

  7. uh oh! does it at least smell fancy? (still?!)

  8. Jessica LOVES Fancy Nancy! She got the doll for Christmas. It is very sweet.

    We just got her Valentine's book and read it together yesterday. Of course it was "fancy"!

    It is such a great way of expanding their vocab.


  9. LOVE, LOVE it! Aren't boys the BEST?? lol! We know all about those messes at our house...only they are NEVER "pank" here!! What fun times..and great opportunities for me as a mom to practice my "Love 'em like Jesus" face! Patience is a virtue, they say, and I have a feeling by the time these little boys are grown, I will be one SUPER virtous woman! Praying for lots of fun giggles at your house today!