Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh the Places We Go, II

We headed out Sunday morning... 

via the Metro...

and this ad was posted just above our seats. Kind of scary.

We headed for the Washington Monument...

and caught the tail end of the worship service...and gathered for the Taxpayers March on DC 2010.

We hung towards the back, as a good friend had flown in to join us, and was, I believe, literally running from the Metro to the Washington Monument in an attempt to meet up so we could march together!

And for the second year in a row, we joined my cousin's family and it was wonderful!

It is an incredibly emotional thing for me to stand on the lawn of the Capitol and look out over a crowd of conservative see them making the time and effort to be there...reading their signs, talking with them...I had a lump in my throat often, and had to blink back tears. I was so encouraged - there ARE Americans out there who CARE. Americans who have read the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. There are Americans all over the United States who are committed to upholding the Constitution, and many of them gathered together on that lawn. Y'all, I'm telling you, it was powerful. And encouraging.

I don't think I'd read either the Constitution or The Declaration of Independence until I married The Engineer. It just didn't seem so important. And once we had kids, I was so not interested. And then it began to dawn on me, that my lack of interest would impact my children's future...and not in a good way.  

My Little Man is going to have a chunk of his paycheck taken away to cover the payments on the junk on which our country is currently wasting money. 

Hey Mamas - are you ready to see your spending money CUT? Do you remember those Bush tax cuts? Did you know they expire in 2011. That's three months from now. Do you know what that means? It means, according to the Associated Press (a liberal source), the "typical family of four with a household income of $50,000 a year would have to pay $2,900 more in taxes in 2011."Let's see girls, that's $241 MORE A MONTH that is being taken from your family's paycheck. Think things are tight now? Where are you going to pull that from? Groceries? Oh, you already coupon. Hmm... Hey - maybe you could start using cloth diapers? Oh yeah, that is a lot of work, just to save $35-40 a month, and many of us already do that. Hmmm...Gonna cut ballet for your daughter? And karate for your son? And not eat out, EVER? Or maybe you're going to trade in your car payment and drive a beater? Where are YOU going to come up with that money? Because the Obama administration is going to confiscate it starting January 1, 2011. Oh, by the way, your per child tax credit will go from $1000 per child, to $500 per child. OUCH.

See YOU at the polls

That's just ONE of the many reasons we marched and rallied!

Pretzels for lunch. This put Jesus feeding the five thousand into a little better perspective for me. I guess, technically we need another pretzel and two fish. (5 loaves and 2 fish)

Cute lady with the camera and Little Man had a "shoot-off."

And sweet little Andrew! He is a delight and a precious, precious little guy with an infectious smile! He and Little Man played and played and played. I never dreamed we'd all make it to the very end of the rally...but thanks to constant entertainment between the children, making it to the very end was easy.

I've got to quote and agree with my cousin on this one:

The Very Official Family Snodgrass Speaker of the Day Award goes to Mr. Tito Munoz.  Wow!  If you'd like to listen, click here.

Spending the day with Elizabeth was like a breath of fresh air! She is beautiful on the outside, and beautiful on the inside...and it radiates from within and is obvious in her countenance and the way she loves on and tends to her children, her "go with the flow" take on mothering such little ones in the midst of such a large crowd, her grin and the understanding look she gave me when Little Man PLOWED DOWN her brand new double stroller - wow. She is an amazing and precious example to me. We were so thankful to get to hang out with them and would do it again in a heartbeat!

And Dr. S! Our friend who ran all the way to march with us!

Meet John Fletcher. He's the newest conservative in the Snodgrass Family. He marched and rallied with all he had! He was such a trooper! And Sister delighted in caring for him! 

Blocking baby from the sun...

Little Man was enthralled, too. 

Here we are at the very end of the day...

thankful for having made the journey, and prayerful that God might continue in His mercy to our country...that He might change the hearts of those in authority and place in authority men who fear Him.

Post March, we stopped by the White House. Little Man thought "dose guys on de woof" were pretty cool.

And, DARE I admit this online??? Our friends offered to pick us up in front of the Washington Monument. We were almost there when one our our precious children announced they had to potty and it COULD. NOT. WAIT. There wasn't an open building or bathroom/port-a-potty within sight. What does an enterprising young couple do in such a situation? They sit said child in a near empty planter and pray no one notices, knowing they need only fear the judging eye of one without children. Because if you have children, you know how humbling life can be.

So we um, finished up, and were whisked away by our friends, to the Gravelly Point Park. Y'all, it was AWESOME!!! The planes take off and land a mere 400 FEET away. You can scream, as they take off and soar slightly above your head, and you cannot hear your own voice for the rumble of the engines!!! It was heart racing CRAZY. I hear landing times are an even bigger rush. 

We enjoyed another fabulous dinner and hit the sack early, as we pulled out of DC (technically, Virginia) at 6am our time...and pulled into our driveway at 11:30pm. We stopped for gas, dinner, and Little Bit. (Yes, our children have mastered the fine art of tee-teeing in a cup...and Sister says "I will NEVER make my children tee tee in a cup!!!)

And to our sweet friends who put up with us - THANK YOU!!! What a blessing you were to us. We love you both and appreciate your kindness to us. I can't stand it that we FORGOT to get a picture together! Love you both, and THANK YOU!!!


  1. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for the stand that your family took on behalf of Americans. Thank you.

  2. Enjoyed reading about your trip. I so hope to take a trip to DC one day and visit our friends! Thanks for standing up for what's right and teaching your children to do the same.

  3. I loved this post...brought tears to my eyes. I also love how you say, "Ya'll". Kind of like our, "eh?" over here :)
    The peeing in the planter is way too familiar! ha ha!

  4. You are too sweet, J! What a wonderful time we had with y'all.

    Love that Sister's pretzel pic made the cut. And I think I took the one of you and T with the Capitol in focus instead of y'all. So sorry! You'll have to come back next year, so I can do a retake! :)

  5. Thank you, thank you for representing all of us conservative Americans! I so appreciate the math you did on the expiring Bush tax cuts - WOW! This is an inspiring post.

    I'm seriously cracked up at the kids going potty by the planters. Yes, having children is SO humbling. You have to do what you have to do! But what a memorable experience this was for them - y'all have been to some cool places recently.

    Thanks for sharing - it is SO important to care and I appreciate you reminding me of that!

  6. Thank you for being brave enough and taking the time to represent the conservatives in this nation! I did not know that he wants to take the child tax credit and make it lower. We COUNT on that credit! Sometimes that is the only thing that keeps us afloat for the year.

    Wow, this post was very enlightning. We will be voting. My sister is crazy radical about this stuff and super vigilant. She helps me so much as we study the issues and try to vote our concious.

    Great post!