Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh the Places We Go

Before I dive into our first day in DC, I want to thank our sweet friends who hosted us - without their kind hospitality (and I mean KIND! We're talking a comfy bed, gourmet meals EVERY NIGHT!!! A parking pass! Thoughtful treats for our children! And people who know DC - where to go, where to park, etc.!) we could never have made such a wonderful trip! They let us invade their lives and home and we are so appreciative! Thank y'all!!!

Saturday morning found us tired from the long drive, but also pumped about what was to come. A little Rallying, some sight seeing, all in preparation for the big 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington...which would be on Sunday.

We headed for DC from the Braddock Road Metro Station...and oh my! What fun!

Sister had her very own ticket for riding and fed it into the machine all by herself. She was a little intimidated the first time, but I think felt rather grown up, and quickly got the hang of it.

I realize for those who ride the Metro daily, it's probably lost its excitement, but for us non-city folk, it's quite exciting!

First stop: to buy a pretzel from a street vendor (because I could drive all the way to DC just for one of those!!!) Next up: The Washington Monument! We joined a crowd dressed mostly in red, white, and blue, and a lot of yellow, from Unite in Action. We listened to some good speakers, sang the National Anthem, and met fellow Americans who, like us, love America and see her on the brink of irreversible change for the worst, and don't want that to happen! The children were approached again and again by older Americans who took the time to look our kids in the eyes and say, "we are here for you! For your generation!" It was sobering and humbling and made us thankful we had made the journey, especially with our children.

Post rally, we headed over to the Smithsonian Castle. Mom had given the children the Smithsonian Alphabet book. C is for Castle. And so we had to go. On our way there, Little Man announced he was sure "ders a bad guy in der and he has a BOMB!" The Engineer and I were like, "HUSH!!! Don't say that word!!! Here of ALL places!" My first impression once in the doors was one of awe. HUGE stone columns...arched ceilings, beautiful stone work...and then we looked a little closer, and the Engineer pointed out it wasn't really stone at all. It was faux painted. There was a chip here and there...kind of a let down.

Kaya made the trip. She had to borrow Samantha's dress. She wore her hair in braids with ribbons to match Sister's.

This is so them...Little Man running around. Sister deep in thought...

Little Man telling her all about everything!

This was SUPER exciting...(for The Engineer and the children).

I am so thankful he was here, with us, and could explain all these hands on experiments to the children. We're a good mix, 'cause this ain't my thing.

They were fascinated.

He took his time (we were there a loooooong time-to me) explaining the why of each "experiment."

We added to our smashed penny collection.

And we got to touch a real piece of moon rock!

While this was thrilling and delightful for The Engineer and our children, I fought sleep. The. Entire. Time. And we didn't even make it to the second level.

And the highlight...

Bugs Bunny ice cream!

We take the kids all the way to DC and when you ask them what their favorite thing was, this is what you'll hear:

They had these yellow cart things and they sold Tweety Bird and Bugs Bunny ice cream! But the eyeballs were soggy.

For my dear friend, Camille. I thought of you!

And so we walked...and walked...and walked...all the way to the Hyatt where the Tea Party Patriots hosted a Sign Making Party!!! Wooo hoooo!

This was SO MUCH FUN! There is something incredibly bonding about being in a room full of people of all ages, making signs together. This year, Freedom Works, who sponsored the 9/12 Tax Payer March on DC (which is why we made the drive), asked that all signs be in, no dirty language. Well, an older lady sat at our table and made a sign with a not so nice word on it. She showed me and I just smiled and thought to myself, "okay, they asked us not to do that!". The guy beside me saw it and said, "now you're going to make us look bad. That's not what we want." She ignored him and took it to another table. Kindly and respectfully, they told her to "white it out" and do it over. She did. Impressive. (And then I had that "ugh" feeling - like, I should have said something...but I'm glad the others did...)

We just let the kids make signs. And we let them write what they wanted.

Little Man's read: "Please Obama, Don't Take My Money." (This still makes me break out in smile.)

And Sister asked me to write out: "TEA: Taxed Enough Already," and then she added to it, both to the right side and on the back :  "Praying for Obama." (And she does. Faithfully. And has, since he was elected President.)

And then, feet dragging, but hearts high, we headed back to the Metro station...

Sweet Daddy carried Sister, who was T.I.R.E.D.

And Little Man claimed stroller rights...he fell asleep in there before we even got on the Metro and slept almost all the way home.

And our sweet hosts served us a DELICIOUS friend knows me...she made her grandmother's salad - which is completely DIVINE and then Paula Dean's French Onion Soup. Oh. My. Goodness. It makes the top three French Onion Soups I've ever had. And I have a thing for French Onion Soup. Oh, and then we had her aunt's recipe for Ice Cream Pie with a homemade toffee/caramel sauce. Oh my. Oh yes. And then we stayed up way too late!


  1. It looks like you guys are having an amazing time. All the photos look so much fun! xx

  2. What fabulous photos Jenn! I *love* that one of little man running toward sister at the fountain...soooo sweet! You will TREASURE these pictures one day. It's hard to imagine that they won't always be like this...but they won't and they will grow up ~ Too quickly, I might add! ENJOY!!!!!!!!

    What an amazing journey you were able to take. Fun times! I had to chuckle at the museum comment...too long for you and not enough time for your hubby! SOOOO totally like me and my man. :)

    The boys jumped up when I said "Is that the Smithsonian...the air and space museum?" Boys after their Dad's heart! :) made me smile to think that you thought of me when you saw the Canadian sweet was that? :)

    Sending love to you today my friend! Have a great day!


  3. What a wonderful trip! My kids loved "Night at the Museum 2". They want to go to the air and space museum, so bad!

  4. LOVE little man's sign. i'm so glad y'all got to take your children and TEACH them. love you

  5. I love that you guys went to that! What great examples to your kids.
    And I lived in DC for 18months. Love it there!

  6. Oh the fun, oh the memories, oh the wonderful eye candy! But, more than all of that, I so appreciate your investment in taking a stand. Thank you. I can't wait to see and hear about the rest of your adventure.

  7. Oh the fun, oh the memories, oh the wonderful eye candy! But, more than all of that, I so appreciate your investment in taking a stand. Thank you. I can't wait to see and hear about the rest of your adventure.

  8. Oh the fun, oh the memories, oh the wonderful eye candy! But, more than all of that, I so appreciate your investment in taking a stand. Thank you. I can't wait to see and hear about the rest of your adventure.

  9. How fun! We are taking the kids to D.C. during Christmas break this year--I think my reaction to the museums will be much the same as yours. I love them for about an hour and then I just want to sit down! :)

  10. Fun! I love all of the photos! Y'all are so brave to make such a road trip with the kids. They are troopers! Great memories for life though.
    Love ya! Kristee