Monday, August 16, 2010

The Alamo & Rockin' Out

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed East toward San Antonio.

We stopped for lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill...this was a first for us.

The children had a blast "making" their own lunch...

you know..."building" their own tacos.

Post lunch we purchased 2lb of Twizzlers and pressed on to The Alamo.

I'd never have guessed, but it's smack dab in the middle of the city. There are buildings and cars surrounding it. Now what I'd originally imagined.

We toured the inside and were humbled to learn the history behind The Alamo.

The interior had several display cases with guns and vests, even letters, that had belonged to none other than David Crockett. Around here, we call him, "Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier."

Little Man was enthralled, especially with the miniature of the actual Battle of the Alamo. He wanted to know exactly where Davy Crockett had fought.

Sister and I were quieted as we imagined being Susanna Dickinson, the surviving widow of Captain Almaron Dickinson. Susanna and her infant daughter, along with the other women and children present during the battle, sought shelter and safety inside a tiny room, within the walls of The Alamo.

The Engineer L.O.V.E.D. this day!!! The history is rich and the mood one of reverence and respect.

It was pretty awesome.

I collect smashed pennies. It seems our children have inherited my love for this, as you can see them smashing pennies in the photo above.

Sister wanted to see cacti so badly. Finally, at the Alamo, she saw some. Only she wanted to see, "the tall skinny kind."

I am loving this picture because...

forty or so years ago The Engineer's mama and her brother visited the Alamo. Seems it was less crowded then. And you could stand in the yard.

And this photo is pretty special too...

because it's kind of like this one. That's The Engineer's mama (the children call her JJ), and his uncle, and his grandparents. (Grandma reads the blog and prints EVERY entry, hole punches them, and puts them in binders for us! Sometimes she even comments! I mean, really, how many grandmothers are that computer savvy?)

After touring The Alamo, we headed down to The Riverwalk, per Mama's suggestion.

We had a great time!

It took a little twisting of the arm, but after promising I'd stay awake for the drive to come that evening (and btw, I did not sleep ONE MINUTE of the entire time we spent in the car!), we convinced The Engineer we should tour The Riverwalk via boat.

This was worth every penny.

We were all hot and tired and having a cool ride on the water where we could sit and relax was FABULOUS!!!

After the boat ride, we stopped at Boudros for dinner. We ordered their "tableside guacamole" and it changed my life forever (I tease). But literally, It. Was. Amazing. I would go all the way back to Texas just for that guacamole!

As we left I took one more picture of this amazing glass sculpture.

Sister snapped this one. The kiss was impromptu. I love it.

And we pressed on...

late into the night...

on highways and byways...

Under scary interchanges...(Texas has them everywhere!)

While we drove, we par-tay-ed!

We cranked up the music, opened the sun roof, and as the children said, "We rocked out!" ...all the way to Houston.


  1. What an amazing trip J!! You covered so much and packed LOTS in!! Your energy amazes me. :)

    I *love* the vintage photos from the album and the modern day front of the cool!

    My husband loves history too...I'm sure he would have enjoyed touring the Alamo just like your man did!

    Too cute that Sister wanted to see the "tall, skinny" cacti...tell her they are in Arizona ~ maybe one day.

    With Love,

  2. I'm enjoying your "Texas series" so much! Thanks for sharing all your fun times.

    Chipotle is a favorite from our Ohio days. Love it!

    You guys consume a lot of Twizzlers! :)

  3. May I suggest a recipe post ;)