Monday, September 21, 2009


Oh y'all...I've wanted to blog for the last week or so, but the truth is, I've been exhausted and under the weather and a bit, well, cranky, er, maybe angry would be a more honest description and quite frankly, I had nothing nice to say.

Between the dog (that would be Warrior, not Scout) and the husband pulling some long hours at work (for which we are very thankful, having a job, that is) and the three little ones, plus a little freelance work of my own, well, I've about gone mad. I've seen sides of myself I never imagined were there. There is a very real monster inside my heart. His name is sin. My flesh loves to give in to his chiding. The result is less than becoming. Not to mention, wrong.

I've crawled beneath the covers the last several nights, pleading with God to give me strength and to redeem the mistakes I'd made...particularly with my children. And I've been so thankful that salvation isn't dependent upon my own works. that you've had a little glimpse at my heart and my ongoing battle, let me tell you where we've been.

I'll try not to overwhelm you.

I'll do it in a few posts.

Friday, September 11 we left home early, dropped off Little Man with the grands and headed for the cousins' house where we had an early supper and were then chauffeured to the airport and dropped by the curb.

It was at that moment that I began thinking about exactly what we were doing. Flying on 9.11.

We loaded MC into her sling and watched as the car pulled away. It was a bit strange being "car seat-less."

We did all the normal stuff you do to fly. Checked in, (btw, I packed all three girls in ONE carry on bag!) pulled out our toiletries, boarding passes, and licenses to be checked in the first round of security. Then we put everything on the conveyor belt, took off our shoes, and were sent through the metal detector. Stuff like that freaks me out. I do not do well. T does it everyday to get into work. It doesn't rattle him at all. He looked at me and gently said, "take the girls and move over there, I'll take care of everything." And he did.

And then, the sweetest we neared our gate, MW told T she was hungry and thirsty and asked if we could get something to eat. And T immediately, and so sweetly responded in the affirmative. We picked a little "closet" of vending machines and he treated us to drinks and snacks. I don't know why that touched my heart so much. I think maybe it was because she asked and he was so happy to oblige. T is like that. And that points me to my heavenly Father.

And so we enjoyed our snacks while we waited at our gate. I was nervous and edgy. I got the stink eye from several passengers when they realized what was in my sling.

And MW had her first flight! So did MC. (but we didn't ger her pic.)

And we landed in Washington DC. Hooray! My best friend from high school and her husband so kindly opened their home to us while we were there...and even met us at the airport at midnight (or thereabouts) to show us the way home.

We had yummy cheese fondue around 1am. MC and MW were long gone...and morning came early.

MW picked at her toast, and pleaded for coffee. We obliged.

As we were walking out the door, she mentioned her ears were still hurting from the flight...and then came some tears. A little tylenol. Surely she'd be fine. And then...she threw up. Thankfully she gave us a little notice and we bagged it. Ick.

And then I thought we'd made a mistake. We'd come all this way for the March on DC with a ten week old and a five year old. I feared it would be for naught. But MW rallied. We decided lack of sleep plus coffee on a nearly empty stomach might be the culprit.

My sweet cousin graciously opened her home to us (in spite of MW's little episode) for donuts and coffee. City life seems so glamorous! (Until I saw how far she has to carry her groceries!!! But still...) And then they loaned us a stroller...and we got to march...together!

And it was so much fun being with them!

I'm quite a fan of their little Andrew!

His smile always makes me smile!

Not long into the March, MW canned the stroller in favor of Daddy's shoulders. I was so proud!

She is so cool!

There were so many people. And it was such a neat group of people. They were kind.

It was Americans who love our Constitution and our Country and our Freedom.

It was young Americans who will carry the weight of these decisions...of this debt...

and old Americans who see the Country they love on the brink of irreversible change (for the worst).

I loved seeing these.

Mom, this one is for you..."No Child Left A Dime"...

My precious, patriotic girl! Notice giraffe made the March, as well!

and my strong, wise husband...

The March on DC rocked.

I stood on the lawn of the Capitol and turned around and as far as I could see in every direction, there were people and signs. I got chills and had to choke back tears.

We love America.

We love our freedom.

We want less every every way.

I hope Congress and the President took note.


  1. What an awesome time you all must have had. I am so glad you got to go! Your represented many of us! You have an awesome family Jennifer, love hearing of your adventures! Miss you!- C

  2. Goose BUMPS!!! GOOSE BUMPS! Amen Sister and God Bless America!!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. You really captured it all so well!!!!!

  3. You captured the feeling so well. What an AWESOME experience! And we were so glad to get to spend time with y'all!

  4. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for going. I love the pic of MW with the Capitol building in the background.

  5. Awesome! thats great that MW got to expirence that! Wonderful pics! Its so unfortunate what is happening to our country, but hopfully we can turn that around!!
    don't worry you'll win the battle, your a Super Mom for sure ;)

  6. I've got goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. I think it's so awesome that y'all went and that MW got to go and experience that!

  7. Great pictures, great post. Thanks for sharing. What a great experience for all of you.

  8. wow. tears. chills. wish we had gotten to go. love you

  9. RollTideFamilyinLondonSeptember 22, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    Wow---Glad you guys got to go. It was actually covered (fairly) in the papers here in London

    Great Pictures

  10. I LOVED this post! I'm so thankful that you went on behalf of all of us who wish we could have gone!! I sure hope someone got a message loud and clear!

  11. *Thank you* for using your voice on behalf of freedom. Wonderful, wonderful post.

    And, thank you for introducing yourself over at my place. I'm delighted to find your beautiful blog and your like-minded words and thoughts.

  12. Precious blog, precious babies.

    I LOVE the sign that said:
    "Don't spread my wealth, spread my worth ethic."

  13. That is so neat that you went to the meet! We have heard so much about it and have had lots of friends go! Of course, we were unable to go, but so glad there were many who participated!!!! Thank you for going and telling the truth!