Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Week...This Week

So...last week was bad. It was just not a good week. One I am glad to have moved on from. It hit me sometime over the weekend that I'd taken on the week in my own strength - in my flesh. And I fell FLAT on my face. 

Homeschooling was a disaster. Oh, we got through the materials...but I was terrible to my children.

I was exhausted. Overwhelmed. Tired. Mad. 

I read Stacie's post about anger and I completely identified.

I picked the brains of a lot of homeschooling mamas - "How do you get it all done?"

The Engineer told me I was required to take an hour off every afternoon to do whatever I wanted to do. But I was already running like mad and barely making traction. How in the world would I take an hour off? I did it once. And it was fun. I enjoyed my time. But after that afternoon, I couldn't figure out how things would get done. And as you know, things must get done.

At some point during the weekend I realized that I'd taken on the week completely by myself. I hadn't yielded an ounce to the Holy Spirit. You know, I had a lot to get done.

Last night something startled me awake. As I lay in bed, trying to fall back asleep, it hit me that I have the greatest opportunity ever to teach my children about serving others - about loving with Christ's love - about laying our lives down - and it's in the way I live out the Gospel AT HOME. 

And something else occurred to me - you know how you get things done? You do them. You do the next thing. And you do the next thing to the glory of God. And that means you do it without grumbling or complaining.

And it is hard. (Let me be honest - I'd often rather sit around and complain about ALL I have to do, rather than just doing it.) But oh my, the peace that accompanies obedience is so worth it. 

Today (Monday) has gone so much smoother and that, my friends, is because God in His mercy, has worked in my heart. I am so thankful He didn't leave me to pout and stew. 

Speaking of things going better...out with the OLD...(oh goodness - THE SMELL when The Engineer hauled her out...sickening...dry-heave inducing - PUTRID!)

And in with the new!!! I have never been so happy to wash load & unload!!! I am SO THANKFUL God provided!!!

This morning Sister handed me this...

I opened it to find her catechism question and answer copied...and a drawing of God (ok, not sure about that-need to make sure she understands it's God the Son, and not God the sun...) making Adam and Eve.

A sneak peek at progress...all the basic skeletons are up...there are two more walls not pictured...And. I. Am. So. Thankful!!!!

Poor Little Man...we had a very hard Saturday night. This little fella has croup. I've never heard him struggle to breathe like he did Saturday night. We logged a lot of time in the steam from the shower...breathing in the freezer's cool air...sipping water...and holding him in my arms. 

Today is day two of prednisone. He's. Crawling. The. Walls! 


  1. Oh Jenn! We all have "those" weeks! AND you are doing a great job...and hang in there...and keep looking to the LORD!! You are so right...we must do all things in HIS strength...not ours. I fail so often...but the wonderful thing is HE is there to pick me up and give a fresh AMAZING!! One. Day. At. A. Time. WITH HIM!! Moment by moment...and yes, just doing the next thing and the next and knowing that it is all building on long as it is built on HIM!

    Praying for you!

  2. J - Once again I am so impressed by your honesty. You are a great mom and I know God will give you the strength to get through the days that seem LLLOOONNNGGG! Remember you are fulfilling God's call on your life right now!

    p.s. Glad I'm not the only with a few teeth issues. :) Do moms keep all their kids' teeth? I'm not sure I want to keep all of them until the girls are adults??

  3. Great reminder about taking tasks one thing at a time and doing even the little things to God's glory. We all need that reminder. A lot.

  4. Your daughter has amazing handwriting. How sweet her paper is. Thanks for your honesty and your faith inspiring words. I definitely need to show my kids that serving them and others is serving God!

  5. Son/Sun--hehe!

    You are awesomely honest. I'm glad this weeek is going better.

  6. Your honesty pointed me to the cross because I've been where you've been... and I'll go there again, I'm sure.

    Here's a verse I've been meditating on lately:
    "Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the light of Your presence, O Lord. They rejoice in Your name all day long; they exult in Your righteousness." Ps. 89:15-16

    Blessed are those who "have learned" -- Lord, teach me to acclaim you and to walk in your presence that I may rejoice in your name (which is a strong tower!) and exult in Your righteousness, which you have made mine through Your son (not sun! hee, hee)!

  7. I can totally relate.

    And I only have ONE child.
    And I don't even home school.

  8. Everything you wrote today resonated with my heart.

    And your conclusions? Right on, girlfriend. Right on.

    Hugs to you.

    (PS-the home improvements are looking fantastic!)

  9. I always remind myself when I take time to do the fun stuff with the kids, "Character First, Academics Second." It takes time to build character. I have 18 years to get all these academics in. They could gain the whole world academically and lose their soul. What good is all this anyway then?

    You are doing sooooo good! I'm so proud of you!

    I took two days off for myself last week. I packed the kids for the trip and then we just had some fun.

    Homeschooling is enjoying life together and teaching them things along the way. Hands on stuff!!! Love it!