Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cake Plates, Face Plants, Snot, Turkey Rolls, Etc.

Before I share with you about that nasty runny nose, let me tell you what happened Tuesday night. I slipped out for a little breather and made my way down the "glass" aisle at TJMAXX, where I found THE PERFECT cake plate and dome lid! I've been looking for a plain, NOT multi use - just a plain, but with a hint of funkiness, cake plate and dome lid for about nine years. I finally found it. For $12.99. Loved the base. Loved the dome. Loved the exaggerated height of the dome. Loved the handle for lifting the dome. It was EVERYTHING I'd wanted.

I purchased said item. The clerk carefully wrapped it. As soon as I got home, I showed The Engineer, who argued that it wasn't really glass. It was, in fact, he claimed, most definitely acrylic. I argued that it was NOT acrylic. He argued back that it didn't feel like glass and therefore could NOT be glass. I reached for an acrylic ice bucket to let him feel something acrylic. As I was moving towards him with ice bucket in hand, he lifted the dome lid and squeezed it to his chest...AND SHATTERED IT.

I burst into tears...quickly followed by laughter.

He felt awful.

Sigh. There was only one. Oh well. We are still laughing hysterically about it.

Ok, about that snotty nose. She's under the weather. Again. She coughed through the night and woke this morning with a nasty mustache of green snot. Delish.

And she took a bit of a tumble. Okay, she face planted on the driveway. It took me a few seconds to gather my courage and lift her bloody upper lip. I was terrified of what I might find. Her teeth are just fine and there were no puncture wounds.

Yesterday Little Man got on Sister's bike and took off. Just like that. So I took the training wheels off his bike and away he went! Other than a head-on collision with a Camellia bush, he's done just fine.

A few nights ago I was getting the girls out of the tub when I noticed Sister eyeing Little Bit's thighs. Sister piped up and said, "Oh Little Bit! You just have the cutest turkey rolls!" (referring to her, albeit small, roll...)

I whole heartedly agreed at which time Sister piped up and said, "And Mama, you just have the cutest turkey rolls, too!"

Warrior continues to be a thorn in my flesh. I sent out an S.O.S. to The Engineer, requesting prayer this morning - it was a rough one - and the Holy Spirit brought calm to my heart where there had been a storm. I am so thankful for that!

During school this morning, Sister had to read a list of words and make a sentence with each one. She came to the word "ham" and said, "Ham. Ham, like when you kill a turkey. Ham happens."

 I LOVE this girl!

And this little dude (and Little Bit, too!)!

Yesterday afternoon he came in from playing outside. He made a bee line for the den, where he paced for a bit, and then came to me and said, "I accidentally poked a hole in the house and stuck sump-thin in der accidentally."

I'm not really sure how you accidentally poke a hole in the side of the house with a spring and then get it stuck in there accidentally.

But, somehow, it just happened. Accidentally.

He also accidentally broke an egg. An egg I told him NOT to touch. Hmm... accidents happen, huh?

I recently learned he and a friend of his spent their playground time chasing "Battlehorn."

After lengthy discussion, we've determined Little Man and said friend have bestowed the name "Battlehorn" upon some unsuspecting child, whom they are now chasing.

It's also been brought to my attention that Little Man and said friend like to sing "tee tee poo poo" at school. Uh-huh. What a little gentleman!


  1. A very amusing post on all counts. :)

    Sorry about the cake plate!

  2. First of all you take the best pictures! They are awesome!

    Such a funny story !
    Glad little man is riding his bike with no training wheels,what a big boy! I love sister's clothes maybe one day I'll learn to sew. And poor little bit with her cold,so crummy to be under the weather. Ah well... kids keep us on our toes! Gotta love it ;)

  3. ahhhh. i love the LIFE little man brings to our family of girls. love you, TOO!

  4. Oh my, never a dull moment at your house! I would love to be a fly on the wall!! Ha! I hope Warrior isn't destroying too much-I remember my patience being tested to the limit with our two pups. And the turkey rolls, love it!

  5. Ah - to be told that your turkey rolls are cute! That's the life!

    And yes, one can survive many, many face plants. I am living proof of that. :)

  6. Aren't boys the greatest? I can say that because I have no girls..but gosh knows those little fellas keep me on my toes. Yesterday, my oldest was in my office before heading to the dentist, and my boss stopped in to say hi. My child sat his soda down, and belched, loudly and long. I was MORTIFIED...but, hey, boys will be boys! And I am thankful everyday they aren't girly-boys!

  7. Oh, I am so sorry about your cake dome, but that story's still got me laughing!

  8. It is AMAZING the things that happen "by acci-gent" at our house by our little man! He poked a hole in his bedroom wall where he wanted to store "his treasures". Uh, no. Sounds like your boy and my boy would have a great time together, poking holes and chasing people. :)

    So glad that sister is having fun in school learning about where ham comes from! She is beautiful--inside and out. What a blessing, to be able to spend so much time investing in her. I know you treasure your time with her.

    Totally related to your last post, by the way. I've had several "freak out days" lately. Adjusting is hard for me and I tend to melt down and cry a lot. Ken is in his busy travel season, and I still haven't quite adjusted to the fall schedule yet, which is sad, as it has been about 6 weeks! :) Thanks for your honesty--it is encouraging to know that we are not alone--we have the Spirit and He connects us to each other. I've been trying to remember to pray for all my little mommy friends who homeschool when I am feeling overwhelmed!

    I felt so, so sad for you about the perfect cake plate. I too am searching for one. Aren't you glad that it was Taylor who broke it, and not one of the kids!?! I find it so much easier to forgive Ken for breaking things than my kids. :)

  9. Okay. The title had me cracking up. By the time I got to the exploding cake dome I was a gonner.

  10. Turkey rolls are essential to producing a wonderful family!! And although the cake dome is a tragedy, it will give you comedy forever!I just love your adorable family.

  11. So sorry about your cake server Jenn!! I told Howie and he chuckled over it. :/ If you lived closer I could share mine with sounds just the same.

    I *love* the photos of little man in this post...he is TOOO cute! Those eyes!! :)

    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  12. Jennifer,
    I must say that I am STILL laughing about the glass incident. I can just picture that happening at my house. Too funny! Hopefully you will find another one soon!


  13. He may be singing tee tee pooo poo but Wow is he gorgeous!!

  14. Oh my, you handled the plate thingy well! I don't know if I could have passed that test with flying colors!

    LOL! I love you, Friend!