Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet Ruby

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we took a family bike ride to get smoothies. We were a sight to see...The Engineer on his bike, with Little Man on this, Me pulling Little Bit in the bike trailer, and Sister on her bike...that was obviously way too small!

That night, The Engineer and I talked about the obvious - a larger bike would be VERY nice. It was time.

The Engineer suggested we check the thrift stores...

So that night, we prayed. As a family, we asked God to provide the perfect bike for Sister.

Monday afternoon, I loaded the children and we made our way to the thrift store. We checked the area children's bikes are normally placed. There was one bike on the floor. It was old. Black. Rusty. A boy's bike. NOT what Sister had in mind. I made all sorts of suggestions, "we could paint it, we could sew a new seat cover, etc. etc. etc."

She looked in my eyes and said, "Mama, it's just really, not what I want. I'd rather wait."

So we prepared to go. We rounded a rack of bed spreads and curtains and lo and behold, what did we see? The perfect bike for Sister!

A Groovy Girls bike...and an elderly lady examining it. I prayed. I begged God. She walked away and Sister ran to the bike. And then I realized another lady was standing off to the side. She'd been waiting for the elderly lady to leave. When I put it all together and approached her, she insisted Sister enjoy the bike!

We left rejoicing! Thanking God! Even the ladies at the checkout counter couldn't believe what we'd found. And for $18!

God is in the details.

You are precious to Him.

He cares. Even about the seemingly insignificant.

Oh, and Sister named the bike Ruby!


  1. love this sweet story...been waiting for a post on it!! how magnificent that the creator of the universe cares about a bike for sister. and it's wonderful that your children saw such a tangible display of God's heart towards his children.

  2. What a wonderful example of God's provision! I love that y'all prayed togther as a family for her bike. Precious! And Ruby (and Sister) are TOO CUTE!:)

  3. Oh how precious are the fingerprints of the Father! I'm rejoicing with your family over the bike and how you've gotten a glimpse of the heart of God.

  4. Oh YES Jenn...our Great God IS in the details! How precious that she witnessed you praying about a bike! THAT will stay with Sister a long time! THESE are the things that matter...teaching a training them to take it ALL to the LORD in prayer...powerful! :)

    Sweet sweet bike! Fun times!


  5. It is so great to pray WITH your children for God to provide for their needs and wants. I think it really helps them see for themselves that God CARES deeply for them. What a wonderful visual aid He has given Sister!

    Have fun with Ruby!

  6. What a snazzy bike!!God is so good. I need to take a trip to the thrift store with you!!

  7. love the bike! we are going thrift shopping tomorrow!

  8. I have never seen such a cute bike! For only 18? What a steal! God is sooo good and he cares so much about the little things. What a comfort.

    I'm at my Sis's house and am finally catching up a little on my blogging. I've missed you! But I'm having a wonderful time!

  9. Amen, God IS in the details.

    What a cool bike! The name "Ruby" - too funny.

  10. Love this story. It reminds me of how God has blessed me is so many ways that seem so small to the world, but have meant so much to me. And that bike is just gorgeous. I wouldn't mind riding around on one like that!

    In Christ alone,

  11. Awwww! Just perfect!
    (my kids name everything too :)

  12. Yes. He does.

    Blessings to Sister ... and to Miss Ruby!