Monday, October 11, 2010

Cutie Patootie, Mr. Hottie, & A Great Lunch!

This little cutie patootie has been hitchin' a ride...

Just about the time she wakes from her afternoon nap...

Mr. Hottie comes home from work...

They tag team it. Cutie patootie rides, sips milk, points, and says, "MU! MU!" Mr. Hottie RUNS HARD and comes home real sweaty and I give him a big kiss and tell him, "I am SO PROUD of you!!!" And I feel very loved.

And this, my friends, makes for my new most favorite lunch ever!

Natural PB on a whole wheat tortilla, drizzled with honey, and topped with sunflower seeds.

Slice and serve. Goes perfectly well with greek yogurt, banana chips, a glass of iced tea, and a good book. (Most recently finished When Crickets Cry  - and really enjoyed it! - Like 1:30 am really enjoyed it!)


  1. reminds me of running with my two when they were wee ones! :) I'm also going to try that yummy lunch!

  2. That is an interesting lunch. Did you make that up?

    I need to go running today, maybe this will inspire me!

  3. LOVE the pig tails. the bff's need to get their pig tail headed selves together soon. :)

  4. LOVE the pig tails. the bff's need to get their pig tail headed selves together soon. :)

  5. We're really into peanut butter and honey "tacos" for lunch around here right now, too. I'll have to try the sunflower seeds.

    The pigtails are priceless!

    There is something very... nnnniiiicccceeee about seeing your man exercise. I love it when the professor bikes to work.

  6. thanks so much for your too sweet comments! You always seem to lift my spirits either through the blog, or comments!
    I love that the hubby takes care of himself..but there is something super 'nicer' about it when he involves my boys! "I am a temple of the Living God"..good lessons to learn from a Godly daddy!

  7. What a fabulous looking lunch! I'm going to try that this week.. thanks!

  8. Those piggies are killing me! Can you hardly stand how cute she is?

  9. kkd said:
    Okay, your cute, creative, smart and you eat healthy too?!? MC is adorable in the stroller.. Go Engineer Go!