Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicky Chick & First Crush

First off - thank you so much for your many words of kindness and encouragement regarding the hair cut. Really - you encouraged me and I really appreciate it!!! I've started the little guy on pre-natal vitamins and we're washing with Mane and Tail Shampoo. His hair should be back in no time! Hee hee. Just kidding. 

Yesterday he was cruising past T's side of the garage when a 6 foot folding ladder fell on him. Literally - fell on him. He didn't touch the was a weird "freak" accident. I watched it fall, nail him on the head, and then slide over his little body. He didn't move or cry. I thought his neck was broken. He just sat there. As soon as he saw me, he burst into tears...once I saw him move his head, I picked him up and cradled him, and after a few minutes of tears he was just fine. I call that a miracle. Needless to say, it put a (bad) haircut into perspective. (But I still don't like the cut.)

meet Chicky Chick

Chicky Chick fell in the toilet today. In the "just been used" toilet. Way down in the "just been used toilet." I'm still not completely sure how this happened. MW is particularly fond of Chicky Chick.  So I told her, "This is a mother's love." And I stuck my hand down into the toilet - and I couldn't help it - I screamed as I fished her out...and then I ran all the way to the kitchen sink yelling, "oooooo"...and washed my hands with anti-bac soap and bleached Chicky Chick. No sooner had I finished washing my hands than I turned to see T3 scream as he stuck his hands in the toilet...I yelled at him not to, but it was too late. He made a bee line for the kitchen, with both hands in the air, screaming all the way! EEK!

We had friends over for lunch. It was a blast! They brought us this DELICIOUS candle! It's made the few minutes of quiet I've enjoyed this afternoon especially wonderful! Their little girl, Caroline, is cute as cute can be! We spent the afternoon in the playroom talking and letting the kids run wild. By the end of the afternoon, he and Caroline disappeared into one of the dormer window sections of the playroom...and we kept hearing this light "thud." We peaked around the corner to see what the "thud" was. It was Caroline's head hitting the wall each time little man KISSED her!!! Like, he gave her lots and lots and lots of kisses. When I asked him if he had a crush on her, he ran into my arms and buried his head in my neck. I think the little man just might have his first crush! Hmm...

Ok, a little weekend inspiration...this pile of fabric has been hanging out in our living space for weeks now...before that it was tucked away in a closet upstairs...and before that it was in our apt. in married student housing...It's time to USE it! I'm hoping to do some serious sewing over the weekend...GOT-TO-GET-THIS-PROJECT-FINISHED!!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'm glad it wasn't my chicky chick in the toilet!

  2. I hit publish too early. I'm so sorry T3! Your poor Mama was so scared I know. I am glad that you are alright, what a hedge of protection around you young man. You are a cutie, whether your locks are long or short.

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