Monday, May 4, 2009

He-Man & Transformers & other things...

Aside from wiping out in the CVS parking lot Sunday afternoon ( knees are swollen and slightly cut up - real classy move)...made me glad my car has brush guards...they sure came in handy (to break my fall)... our weekend was rather uneventful...we hung out in the house...had a "pajama day" Saturday...curled up and watched The Tale of Despereaux (which is fantastic!!!)....stayed home from church thanks to a little boy with a green nose...

The little man continues to talk about Caroline and tells and re-tells, "I kiss Care-line up-tairs." Followed by a fit of giggles. Look out!!!

T has boxes and boxes and boxes of childhood toys, baseball cards, etc....they've been claiming residence in what is about to become our "official" guest would kind of be nice if the faux bedside table, made of stacked boxes (containing all those toys, etc.) and a tablecloth disappeared...and it would be nice if guests could hang their clothes in the closet...until this weekend there were too many boxes, etc. in there. (And yes, a few of those things are mine.) So anyway...I asked him to please label each box as to when he thought the toys within would be age appropriate...he said he thought the kids were ready to play with all of it (toys - not baseball cards, etc.)...and so I broke out four boxes of transformers and I'm really not sure what the other stuff was...I can sort My Little Ponies and Barbies and Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop all day...but when it comes to the boy'm quiet clueless. 

Little man was SO EXCITED! He had stripped down to his diaper and a colorful necklace...and he "man handled" one of the boxes from the guest room to the playroom, shouting, "TOYS" all the way. He dumped the box out, onto the gigantic pile created from the other three boxes and proceeded to SCREAM and wiggle his hands in the'll be needing to come up with a storage solution...for now, MW has forgone her "dress up" storage bins so the Transformers can take residence within. (I'm thinking maybe T can build her a trunk for dress ups?)

So anyway...during our restful weekend (T worked ALL weekend) we pretty much wrecked the guest room...that's ok. Hopefully baby will be on time, and not too early...and we'll get things finished up in there.

Someone had a bit of a meltdown. I'm sure me breaking out the camera helped things.

I'm lacking in pics of MW. She doesn't particularily care for me taking her picture.

Um...and now that the SHOCK of the haircut has worn off...I am floored by HOW MUCH HE LOOKS LIKE HIS DADDY!!! His daddy's whole side of the family!!! In fact, he has a cousin who is a little older, and there is a DEFINITE resemblance in my opinion!!! Kind of funny...

I've posted before about our love of blackened fish. I always used "Red Fish Magic." It's kind of pricey...around $3.50 for a bottle...and that usually lasted us 2.5 I decided to attempt to make my own. I think I might have gotten it. If you like things blackened...give this a try:

4 T sea salt
6 T paprika
4 T garlic powder
4 T onion powder
2 T red pepper 
2 T six pepper blend (ok - I bought this at Sams, thinking it was blackening seasoning - IT'S NOT!!! We almost died with the first bite!!! I'm sure black pepper would work fine, too, but I just have this HUGE tub of the six pepper blend. If you live near me and want some...let me know!)
2 T oregano

I mixed it all together and...ta-da!

Regarding the little weekend project...I think I see the finish line...six panels, double lined, five are sewn, one pinned, and I've done the detail work at the top of two...all six still need hemming...not to mention a small set back...a two year old dumped his sister's bowl of cereal and milk on the pinned's been a great day for the Gospel!


  1. Feeling a little sick.Cereal. Oh no!
    I need fabric. Lots of fabric for the family room panels. Ideas? I need a steal! Lots of panels. Ughhh.
    CAn't wait to see yours!

  2. What a fun thing to have the likeness revealed by the haircut!

    You should post pictures of your project!!

    Hope your knees feel better soon!

  3. a get together is a must!!!! my schedule is WIDE open if you know what i mean!!!!!! :) what is your schedule like?

  4. Well, I guess your little man and my little lady need another playdate! :) He is so precious!

    Sorry about your knees, I've done stuff like that before.

    Thanks for the coupon--I got the last one! :) I was disappointed b/c pretty much all the cereal was gone. I'm going to have to start going on Sunday.

  5. My boys love playing with some of Rod's old toys, it's so fun to see them playing with nearly 30 year old toys! Leslie