Thursday, April 30, 2009


I must be on a once a week kick here...oh well.

Ok...since we've been MIA for a week...We got to spend last weekend at Mom's and it was so FUN! The kids got to meet Mary Thomas for the first time ever!!! So special! They kept asking to "pet" her... I asked them if they could believe we were getting ready to have a new baby like that at our house? MW, as she stroked Mary Thomas' cheek, replied with, "I know, but Mama, can't we just have this one?" 

Playing in Bobo's yard...

this happened literally five minutes from the house...

Changing gears...Emily asked a few questions about my camera/photography...No, I'm not a professional photographer (and that question made me smile - thanks!)...though I think that would be a blast! I took a few classes in college. I shoot with a Nikon D70s, and I LOVE my camera!

look what I found...

I'm a little worried about this new baby...little man moved the stool against "my cib" and climbed on in...YIKES! (Bolt the door???)

Little man throwing dirt...

MW is "Princess Pretty Flower."

I know his nose is gross, but I had to include this'll read why in a sec...

Yesterday I unintentionally made a big mud puddle in the back yard...and the little man jumped in, socks, and all...and so I made the mud puddle bigger...and let him play in it all morning!

so much fun!!!!

Ok...and now for the meat of this post...

you know what's coming...


not a happy camper. (neither was his mama.)

I AM SO SAD. I keep getting teary. And it's really not such a big deal. But I am so sad. 

Yesterday, with my full knowledge and approval, T shaved the little man's head. We're calling it his "once for the summer cut." I know he'll be cooler. Whatever. I can't stand the cut. I CANNOT STAND THE CUT. Just thinking about it makes me get teary. I cried about it last night. I know. It's JUST HAIR. The little guy isn't sick. There's nothing life or death about the matter. It's just his gorgeous, beautiful, "little dude" as one friend put it, hair is G-O-N-E. And I am so sad about it. I regret our decision to shave it (with the longest guard). There's a huge pile of hair in the garbage can outside. I wish I could glue it back. He looks so different. I like the long hair look. I love him, but I do NOT like his hair like this. I'm crying again. He looks so different. Close friends don't recognize him. He was born with more hair than this. It's never been this short. I don't like it at all. Would it be bad if I was honest and admitted that I HATE this hair cut??? Maybe I'll change, but I think I'm going to be one of those moms who is just fine with boys having longer hair. (Not a pony tail...but longer locks.) I like T's hair longer. I always have. I just like longer hair on guys. I am really sad about this.

There are two things so far that I think back on and feel a stab of pain in my heart over - that stab of pain only a mother feels when she thinks of something she regrets...

1. letting MW stay with grandparents on her third birthday...NEVER AGAIN will I opt out of being with my children on their birthdays. (she didn't have a clue...but I did. - and don't worry - I'm not going to show up on my kids' doorsteps when they're out on their own...just for the 18 years they're under my roof, if I can be there to wake them and celebrate with them - I WILL BE!)

2. letting - make that, being ok - with T shaving the little man's head (until I saw what it was going to look like, but it was too late, then.) (by the way, little man told everyone at school that he hit his head and his hair fell out...)

Silly regrets, I guess. For some reason thinking about them...seeing the little man and his lack of hair... makes my heart ache in a regretful sort of way.

Again. I know. It is only hair. The kid is healthy. Really. It shouldn't be such a big deal. But it is. To me, at least. It's a really big deal.

Ok...wiping away the teary streaks that have stained my cheeks...and heading outside with my children. Wait, is that little boy mine??? Oh...I miss his hair.


  1. Oh I feel for you and I don't even have a boy. I guess the one thing you can rest on is that it will grow back (although I know that doesn't make better right now).

  2. Oh no! I saw him at Little Lambs and thought that little man looks like T3 but no, it's not... where's his hair!? Oh, don't be too sad, it will grow. But now I've been warned to never let Justin cut JMs hair or I'll be in your same boat... crying over hair! But... he's still absolutely adorable!!! And... what does he think about it?

  3. He really does look adorable though! I think the haircut is cute!!

  4. He looks absolutely adorable with his summer hair cut! In fact, he now looks like a boy. You can enjoy the longer locks with your daughter and yourself...let the boys look like boys! Congrats to your hubbie for a job well done.

  5. It is so hard to get used to the way they look after such drastic hair cuts! I always think, "He looks so old now!" They are so sweet!

  6. First of all, I love, love, love the picture of MW picking flowers in her princess dress.

    Second of all, the bright side to the haircut is you now get to see all of T3's beautiful little face! I bet by the 4th of July, he'll have some wispies floating around his head and you'll feel tons better!

  7. Diddo to what "Family Snodgrass" said--I LOVE that pic of MW picking flowers in her dress! So cute! You are super good at taking pics...ugh, i'm still on my way to trying to take pics like those. :)As for your little guy, I totally understand what you mean. His long hair was so adorable and it's hard to see him look so different even for me...and I'm not even his mama!! But believe me, hair grows crazy fast and before you know it he'll look like himself again. I'm feelin' for you, sister! Love you! BTW, thanks for that sweet email you sent. You're so much fun! :)

  8. He is so cute! I know you're upset, and I COMPLETELY understand it, but he DOES look really cute!

    See you in a bit! :)

  9. I really think the haircut is adorable! I am sure it is hard on you though. Change is just hard to accept...especially when it comes to our kiddos!

  10. I, too have cried over my children's haircuts and it wasn't even as drastic as T3(including when Rod lost his, I thought so many of the same things you did!). Don't feel bad, its just a mom thing. Your children are beautiful and I can't wait to see the baby! Leslie

  11. Funny, when I was reading the post (before I got to the haircut part), I was thinking how much the little guy looks like T. I'm having memories of y'all at God's House Kindergarten! Anyway, he does look cute with the hair cut. I know it must be hard, though!