Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Harvest...

It was a glorious day! The sun was shining...it was the perfect temperature...MW was at school and the little man begged to go "out-tide." And outside we went...

And as I looked around my eyes rested on the "orange trees" we have in our backyard. We had picked just about every orange that was within arm's reach, but the top branches were still laden with fruit...so I broke out the ladder and picked and picked and picked and filled my pockets until the were bulging and then picked even more. The little guy watched, fascinated.

Not a bad harvest, eh? And they taste FANTASTIC!!! The BEST I've ever put in my mouth!

T3 and I spent the entire morning outside and the afternoon was spent playing at a friend's house. 

Our evening began with a lovely dinner outside...MW set up her picnic table and chairs and broke out her "fine china" (her plastic tea set). She washed, dried, and then served each of the five plates and carried them outside to the table on her purple plastic tray...

She and the little guy dined in style while I sat on the steps eating a bowl of fresh tomato tortellini soup...I opted to feed the children a frozen chicken pot pie, rather than summon the energy to deal with MW's "love" of my new fav. soup...guess what? She doesn't like chicken pot pie, either. Ugh. (I think she went to bed a little hungry...but she knew better than to say anything.)

We wound down the night with baths and read a big stack of books. MW and I are back at it with the Little House books...I must say, she isn't quite as taken with Almanzo as she was with Laura...he did have a near death encounter in our chapter tonight...which livened things up a bit. 

As I tucked her in I asked if she wanted to sleep with "Amy" (her doll) and she quickly told me "no." When I inquired why, she told me she wiped a booger on Amy's arm. Oh well. Amy will have to sleep alone...I am not booger hunting tonight.


  1. Your oranges are fabulous looking and I am so glad that they tasted good. That isn't always the case! Your children are so sweet to look at!

  2. Those oranges look delicious! Your kiddos are just too cute for words!

  3. Wow--I can't believe all those oranges! What a nice homegrown treat!

  4. So do you just have oranges tree sittin' in your backyard? Or is this something you guys did! YUMMO!

  5. Okay. Are you using a close up lense? Got a new camera and I am playing with it. Trying to figure out which lense to use when.
    Would love to know more about orange trees. We have thought about some fruit trees. Would love to know what kind etc.
    Lovin' T3's pjs and boots!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can't imagine having an orange tree in my back yard. How heavenly!