Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Little Baby...

Dear Sweet Little Baby,
For several weeks I’ve felt a little something and I’d think you’d fluttered a little bit, but I wasn’t sure. Friday night your daddy and I were tucked into bed when I knew I felt you move. I waited a few moments and aha…I felt you move again! I pulled down the covers and whispered to your daddy to watch…we watched and waited…and a few seconds later we saw you move. You are SO AMAZING!!! Your daddy looked at me with the hugest grin on his face and his eyes all lit up and said, “this is the best!” Oh little one, little miracle of God! I’m so happy to feel you move…to see you move! Your daddy put his hand over my belly and felt you move several more times. You, little one, are a gift from God! Created intentionally by the Almighty Father. Each time I feel you move, I smile and delight in the mystery of you, being knit together in my womb! You have great purpose and we thank Him for you. We love you and are praying for you already!


  1. The best feeling in the world! Congrats on your pregnancy, I hadn't told you yet!

    We do have a lot in common! This season of "24" is really GOOD! We started watching the dvds a few years ago and finally got caught up to the current season. It's our favorite show. We will sit and debate what we would do if we were the president in the situations that come up. It's fun! We really need to get together soon. What is y'alls calendar looking like?

  2. J!! I'm so happy for your family. I can just see you and T gazing at that little one through your moving belly.

  3. And, suddenly, the MS is completely worth it! (It was anyway, but...) How dear!

  4. Awe sweet Jennifer, that made me cry! I love you and am SO happy-I can't wait to meet this little one!!!

  5. That was precious!!!! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  6. Such precious moments like this is what life is made of. This is a lovely little "letter" that your baby can read someday.