Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Long Nap

So the little man went down for his nap around 9-ish yesterday…at 3:30 I found a baby boy who was just beginning to wake. Hmmm…QUITE a nap! He was so sweet for the rest of the afternoon and then went to bed at 7:15…slept all night...I figured he’d be up early this morning…at 10:25am I heard him playing in his crib. WOW!

Colds are no fun. This one has certainly taken a toll on the little guy. He’s been pooped, and is certainly on the mend. I sure have gotten a lot done! Really, this has been such a blessing. Two days ago I asked T to pray for me before he left for work. I confessed to him that I was hungering for a little break from the day in and day outs of baths and brushing teeth and putting on pajamas and reading and singing and praying and tucking in and all of that…I told him I thought if I could just have a break for one night, I would be refreshed and good to go again…(T has been pulling some very long hours at work…which we are very thankful for, but it does mean he isn’t home as much). I firmly believe the little guy’s abundance of sleep is a direct answer to that prayer. Yesterday I was able to take care of so much, that otherwise would’ve been left undone. Not the end of the world by any means, but it was very nice to tackle those things! And oh the joy of ironing by myself this morning! Getting to drink my coffee without interruption…don’t get me wrong. I ADORE my children and I am SO THANKFUL I get to be at home with them! It’s just that occasionally, a little break is refreshing. So…thank you T for praying for me…and thank you Father for giving me a little respite!

And in other news…I HAVE to recommend this FABULOUS soup!!! The picture simply does NOT do it justice! If you like tomatoes…and cheese…and pasta…well, you must try! (Not to mention I made it in like 30 minutes…with grocery bags at my feet, while the little man fed the dog almost the rest of the bag of dog treats…and while MW made about a million requests for me to help her with this or that…point being: it’s super easy , especially if evenings bring a bit of distraction your way!)

Tomato Tortellini Soup

1 cup chopped carrots
1 medium onion, chopped
olive oil to drizzle
1 t basil
1 t oregano
1 bayleaf
4 cans whole tomatoes in their juice
2 c chicken broth
2 c water
1 package dried cheese tortellini
4 cups shredded spinach
parsley for garnish

•Ok…sauté carrots and onions in olive oil until tender, add spices, sauté a few minutes more…
• open your cans of tomatoes and “chop” them up (I use my kitchen scissors and just go to town cutting while the tomatoes are still in the can) and dump in the pot
• add chicken broth and water…cook 20 minutes
• add tortellini and cook until pasta is done
• add spinach and cook another three or so minutes (until spinach is “cooked”)
• serve and garnish with parsley

By the way…MW gives this one the thumbs down. She turned her nose up at it, went to bed hungry (we DID tell her if she didn’t eat the soup she couldn’t have anything else until breakfast)…came downstairs and said she was “dying of hunger.” I told her to get back in the bed. She came down again and said, “Mom, I just need you to show me grace right now.” I was like, “I am showing you grace. It’s called tough love. Now go to bed.”

This afternoon she “taught” the little guy a few letters…it’s hard to tell in the pic, but these really are letters and numbers.

Here is a “real” pic of the office…a current real pic of the office…will tackle tomorrow.

Sharing secrets…

And a shot of “real life” around here…

Happy Night to you!


  1. I was feeling the same need for a break. I understand. I keep thinking about going back to work (maybe once a week), with the full knowledge that when I do, I'll miss these stay at home Mom days!
    It is a blessing to be a full-time Mom but it can be lonely even though you're never alone, even in the bathroom! Thanks for the reminder to spend time in prayer about these things.

  2. WOW, that is a long nap. I'm expecting my littlest to crash today. The soup looks great..just might have to try it. I'm in a really big soup phase right now. (And I NEVER used to eat it!)

    Maybe you can sneak a long nap like that in too! ;-) One day....

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  4. A, B, and Baby Makes 3 said:
    MW's grace comment cracks me up. What a little wiggle worm tryin to get her way! love y'all!!