Monday, January 19, 2009


I stayed up late last night working on am-ish. And then I woke shortly before an attempt to get a little more work in before waking MW to get ready for school...and then it hit me...NO SCHOOL TODAY! It's a holiday! Hooray!!! I can't describe the wave of relaxation that washed over me.

Little man was up earlier than usual, with MW following shortly. 

We piled into the kitchen for breakfast...and due to a shortage in clean mugs I wound up using this...

and it was so fun. Why don't I use fun cups like this everyday? MW wanted one...(not to worry, I made hers sans-caffeine)...

Happy Little Girl!!!

and then the little man wanted I gave him some frothed milk...which he LOVED!

Happy Little Boy!!! For a few minutes...

And then fussiness got the best of him...

Fussy Baby Boy!!!

thanks in part, no doubt, to this we snuggled up in the rocking chair and read and then I told him it was time to rest and he looked at me and said, "Amay-Gace" - which is his way of asking me to sing Amazing Grace. Priceless. That made me so happy. He knows small parts of it here and there and always joins in during those times. Pure sweetness. This temper tantrum throwing little man can snuggle up to me and sing Amazing Grace in baby babbles...and melt my heart...

MW has been making "art" all morning. We got out huge sheets of paper (24"x36"-roughly) and freehanded some random swirls, dots, etc. She's spent hours coloring in and painting every possible shape and even adding some to it. She pointed out a shape that wasn't completely colored in and told me "that isn't quality work. My teacher has talked to me about that and "L" (a friend in the class) always does quality work. She always colors in the lines and colors all the white spaces." we practiced coloring in all the white space...I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that one.

So anyway, I am very thankful for a holiday. I am very thankful for my two precious children and this baby who is ever expanding my waist line...yep, today I pulled out my maternity jeans...YIKES! (Only because it's uncomfortable to sit in my "normal" jeans...I can still get them on. - Yes, I'm a bit prideful.) I am thankful that I only have one more deadline today for work. I am thankful for a fun day at home with my little ones. I am thankful for cappuccinos. I am thankful little man is napping right now. And I am very thankful for our dog...because this morning a very scary looking man walked passed our house with a pit bull - NOT ON A LEASH - and Scout made it abundantly clear that she would rip them to shreds if they set foot on our property. Yes, I am thankful. I am even thankful I get to bissell the floors and do some laundry and a little grocery shopping and la dee da...I am thankful.

And...I meant to mention this earlier...we will be finding out what we're having...when baby arrives! Yep, we wait. And it is SO MUCH FUN!!!! The best surprise in the whole world! There's nothing like those last few moments before baby is here...the anticipation...and then hearing Taylor (as in MW's case) or the doc (as in T3's case) say, "It's a ....." I highly recommend it! 


  1. I have a latte/capucino maker. Don't know what to do with it. Will you give me a tutorial. I love a latte. I am sure you know that by now. Help please!!! Happy Home Day!

  2. Oh that milk looks so good and frothy! I want to have you, MW and T3 over for a tea party... let's schedule it ok? I love your beautiful china cup and saucer... so fun and really, you should do that more often!!! Life's too short for everyday "coffee mugs!" Glad you are enjoying your surprise holiday!

    btw: the word verification is doppless... is that a take on topless? hmmm...

  3. Yay for waiting! We waited with Lillian and I regretted not doing it with the other two! So fun! Can't wait to hear! :-)

  4. I spy a Francis I sterling spoon in T3's mouth. :) How appropriate to serve frothed milk in a mint julep with a sterling spoon. That nephew (and sister)of mine is something else. Love you!