Thursday, January 29, 2009

What We're Up To...

About those oranges...

When we moved in five years ago, there were two scraggly looking small trees planted beside the garage...we wondered what was up with them...but our focus was on structural issues with the we just sort of ignored them...Three years ago we realized they were lime trees! I LOVE limes and couldn't believe our fortune! I picked every lime and gave them to neighbors...only they were dry and kind of gross. Oh well, we decided it must be an ornamental lime tree (does that exist?). So...the next year some girls were hanging out over here and one of them saw the trees and said, "Oh you have an orange tree. Give the "limes" more time on the branches." So we did. That winter we got 12 oranges off one tree and nothing off the other. They were FABULOUS! Last year we got 55 oranges off one tree and a handful of satsumas (smaller oranges) off the other tree. This year...well, this year I didn't even count. We've been picking and eating since early December and still have about another 15 or so that should be ready in the next few weeks. I sprayed a citrus fruit spray on the trees once a summer or two ago...other than that we have done NOTHING to them. I have learned fruit trees take a few years to produce...I'm just thankful we didn't go tearing into the backyard to wack everything down before we knew what we had...'cause those would've been the first to go...if you have any info on caring for these babies, please share.

On a fun note...some friends from out of town came for a visit and spent the night with us last night. It was SO GREAT to hang out with them! Their daughter and MW were great friends and have missed each other! They were up until almost 11pm last night playing dress up and making art projects...and even setting up their own bed on the dog's bed! It was a sweet time of playing and catching up! Quite frankly, they were absolutely WILD! Dancing around the did my heart good to see how much they love one another!

This afternoon before they left, we all spent a few minutes throwing the frisbee to the dogs...(they brought their dog). T3 doesn't quite have the concept of releasing the frisbee when throwing it...and he hit their daughter in the back of the head while trying to throw the frisbee. It really was an accident...but of course Av was a bit upset...a few minutes later, MW threw the frisbee with all her might and it NAILED the little man in the head. It was completely an accident and so "what comes around goes around." There he was, sobbing, and I was laughing so hard...after a kiss and a little consolation, he was just fine!

I've decided to take on a new project...I'm a bit fearful...but determined. My friend posted a link to this tutorial on inserting a zipper...and so today I picked through the remnant table and purchased a few zippers (because I am betting I'll mess up at least one...possibly beyond the point of salvage...) and am going to give it my best shot. We'll see what happens.

I want to let you in on a great read...a deep, take it a few paragraphs at a time, but VERY good and encouraging book...

I don't even know how to sum up what this book is's about why our sufferings matter to God. It's about who "authors" our they "come to be." It talks about why God allows suffering...(nope, no earth shattering fix and explain it all away answers...). It's just been an incredible read for me. I've been digesting small chunks over the last few months...and it's been incredibly encouraging!

In other heart has been so heavy over President Obama and the actions he is taking in the realm of abortion...I read over his Mexico City Policy and it sounds like he is talking about controlling the population of dogs...not human beings, with souls, formed by God. Check out the page heading..."Voluntary Population Planning." I've been reading up on the Freedom of Choice Act...this is heart breaking. There is so much I want to spill on this subject...I have two friends who both would have been aborted had abortion been legal when their unwed mothers found out they were pregnant. How 'bout Tim Tebow? You know his mother was strongly urged by doctors to abort him...I am so sad that America is choosing this path. Check out these pics at Thanks to the Mexico City Policy Americans aren't just murdering our own children, we're murdering children in other countries, too. My heart is so sad over that. So heavy. So sad. 

On a lighter note...I've gotten several emails and a few comments with questions about my camera, lense, etc. I'm flattered. Y'all are sweet...I use a Nikon D70s and I pretty much always shoot with a  28-80mm lense. I've found it to be pretty versatile, especially with the kids...but I'm totally an amateur and don't really know what I'm talking about. I've only had two photography classes. 

As far as altering the photos...I usually crop and sometimes do some digital touch ups using photoshop...

And above you see a lovely drawing of our the order are MW, T3, Me, T, and the baby boy in my tummy - NO - we don't know what we are having, this is just what MW drew for me today. I asked about the boy, because she really wants a sister...she said that's just "what I drew."

Happy night to you!


  1. I know you have a HUGE shower but I had no idea you had such a spacious bath tub, too! :) I love the string of letters written by MW. Those s's are amazing!

    *the word verification is unizeb...sounds like something from Balderdash!!

  2. How wonderful that you discovered having orange trees in your yard. That is really neat---especially since you didn't really know what they were and you're not doing anything to really make them flourish. Just another way we can see the Lord working around us.

    I am right there with you on feeling a heavy heart about President Obama and his abortion issues. It is so heartbreaking.

  3. We had such a great time with all of you! Can't wait to do it again soon. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Riverdance.

  4. Would love to have some tips on photo altering...I too have a Mac (you know how I feel about that:0)) So, do you use a program to get the white background? You have lots to teach me: photography, lattes...let's make an evening of it! Shall we?