Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm not sure what it was about this last week...

It was sure hard to get going. To get "back in the groove." I'm sure a week of sickness, followed by a holiday on Monday didn't help much.

Little Bit had her first foray with pink sponge curlers. They stayed in long enough for a good look in the mirror...which brought an instant smile.

And then one by one, she pulled them out. And Little Man pulled them apart, into three pieces. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

His matchbox cars have been telling each other about Jesus. There's the good guys and the bad guys and the good guys are telling the bad guys about Jesus.

He's becoming quite prolific on the guitar. (Pretending, of course!) In fact, he and sweet, innocent Little Bit actually broke that wooden guitar (on the neck) - fighting over it. Maybe The Engineer should make her one?

Sweet, innocent Little Bit. Who split her brother's lip when she nailed him on the mouth with her sippy cup. FULL. Of. Milk. She was being totally reasonable. He had a blanket she wanted. (I tease.)

But back to the guitar - which is brought out for jam sessions - I wish you could see Little Man in action. Flipping that guitar...

Jumping off the bench...

Thriving on his mom and dad and sisters the crowd screaming for him! He still wants to take breakdancing lessons.

Back to guitars...real ones, this time. We've both got some pretty sweet calluses. And notice we now have not one, but two guitars. One of them I won on the radio years ago. I sold it to a friend, from whom we are borrowing it. (Kind of tacky on our part, huh?!) 

The other was an unexpected gift. I helped a friend with a little graphic design project. He showed up at our door a week later with an old guitar he said he hadn't used in years. We thought he was loaning it to us. "Loaning it? Oh no. I'm giving it to you." This was one of those times when I smiled with the reality that God is SO in the details. Providing above and beyond and unexpectedly. And we have had so much fun learning together. 

It's been sanctifying, too. I can't keep a steady beat. The Engineer can. But I can transition between chords a little faster and I can do a few without looking. All in all, it's a recipe for frustration and  laughter and a whole lot of fun. The Engineer is far more patient with me than I would be with him, were the roles reversed. I love that man.

Our math lesson this week came with a fun "experiment." In the midst of learning things like: how to follow a recipe, what a teaspoon is and why it's abbreviated tsp, measuring with a cup measure, and dividing things into fourths...

We made peanut butter.

It was, according to the children, "the best ever!"

Friday was the first "normal" day of school we had all week last week. We read Bruchko until I thought my voice would give out. It's been intense, and so good. It's been interesting to read this again, after so many years. I'm reserving comment until the end.

Friday morning I caved and let Sister wear pajamas to school. She said she wasn't feeling very good and begged so sweetly. She had fever by Friday afternoon. 

And this Little Man is rocking the "jolly trolly." He can tell you what A, B, C, and D say and can identify which of each letter is the capital and which is the lowercase. And the song we've been singing to master this concept plays over and over and over again in my head!!! "A says "a" can you hear it in apple..." I sang it to The Engineer right before we fell asleep a few nights ago. He was so happy and thankful I helped get it in his head. I like to share like that.

Last night Little Bit reached up and touched the hot skillet and burned two fingers. It happened to be the two fingers she constantly keeps in her mouth. I thought the burn might mean at least a break in that habit, but I was wrong. Evidently it isn't painful enough to deter her. While breaking the habit would be nice, I'm glad the burn isn't too painful.

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Wow! Your week sounds like ours! LOL! It is *so* good that you are taking the time to document life, in all of its "realness" through photography and words here. As crazy as it is now, you will *love* looking back on it. You really will. Thanks for photographic inspiration and for sharing your life! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  2. What a week! Ours was a doozy, too... a real doozy.

    I hope Sister is feeling better. Way to go with the guitar; what a fun thing to learn as a couple.

    I love the photo of Little Bit sitting against the wall. And I love the one of Sister laying on her stomach on the bench.

    I think you document the liveliness of your home very well.

  3. How awesome that y'all are learning the guitar together. I just love that!

  4. What is the window treatment in the photo of your son? Is it a Roman shade, bamboo, or both?

  5. I am totally going to get pink curlers. I have curly hair, so never used stuff like that. But my stick straight her girl will absolutely love them! Hope the little ones burn feels better!

  6. Such P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S. days my friend! I am glad you are *mostly* feeling better. Is the fever a new bug in the house...or the *old* one??

    Love to you!

  7. Great photos! You have a beautiful little family!

  8. Sweet, sweet family moments. Hope you all are feeling better!

  9. I always love your updates! I didn't know you played the guitar!

    I am so blessed, I have found a man at church that has asked if he could accompany me on the guitar while I sing. I am so excited! We have been practicing every Thursday. It is so wonderful to add music back into my life. It has been on hold for a long time.

  10. MISS YOU! That pic of your sweet girl holding the apple on the bench is PRECIOUS and such a work of art. And I just smiled at the pic of you and your hubby learning guitar. Ya'll are so cute together! I can't wait for fall break when i can visit you! You'll have to play me a song when I get there. ;D Love you!!

  11. Enjoyed spending time at your hosue last night and I love you blog! :) Kim

  12. Oh, I so love the pic of you and your husband playing the guitars! I want to do that too! Where does the time go? So many dreams, so little of that precious commodity.
    Enjoy and keep it up!

  13. That previous anon. comment was from me but I'm having blog commenting issues. Thought I'd try again...