Monday, June 20, 2011

Greek-Dates-Demon WP-& A Shy Little Guy

'Round here...we LOVE some Greek yogurt. As in...L.O.V.E. Everyone, except The Engineer. He's not such a fan. 

Little Bit, however, is rather enthusiastic...right down to the last little bit. 

She's also a very kind and selfless mother. She generously shares with her baby, Penelope. Thank goodness Penelope cleans up so well with a washcloth. 

Last Wednesday night, Sister made a request. It went something like this, "You know, Mom, you and I haven't had much, ya know, girl time. I was thinking that maybe we could, well, ya know, go on a date, just you and me."

I mentioned it to The Engineer. Without hesitation, he replied, "GO! Have fun!" And so we went.

She cracks me up. I offered (because I had freebies/gift cards) dessert at Outback, Italian Ice at Brewsters, or coffee at Starbucks. "Coffee at Starbucks!" was her immediate answer. Only, when she learned it was the Starbucks inside Target, she changed her tune. "Mom, I was thinking we could go to the Starbucks in the bookstore." And like a sucker, I took her.  And. We. Had. A. Blast. Two decaf coffees with a shot of caramel and one chocolate biscotti for the little lady. That one on one time is precious. Special. I highly recommend it!

I'm pretty sure I've shared about Demon WP before. This stuff ROCKS. We live in an area where roaches are rampant. They are a part of life. Gross. I know. I HATE roaches. When we moved into our home seven and a half years ago, it was in bad shape. We stuck with one pest control company for almost a year. Things got a lot better, but still not up to par. So we switched companies. Things got better, but still, not great. About that time we heard about Demon WP. Y'all, this stuff is awesome. AWESOME. $16.95 + tax easily gets us a year and a half to two years of pest control. I spray about twice a year and roaches are NOT the issue they once were. Even with a portion of our upstairs torn out with framing, attic space, etc. exposed, they just aren't anywhere near the issue they were before.'s the scoop: Get yourself a gallon size sprayer. I think we paid about $20 for ours. A one time investment.

Ace and several online stores carry Demon WP. We get 4 packets in one envelope for $16.95. (Each packet mixes in one gallon of water - so that's four gallons worth! I can spray our entire upstairs and downstairs and I still have at least half left.)

Drop one packet in the sprayer.

Fill it to the fill line with water.

Give the Demon WP a minute or two to dissolve. Then shake it up a little, and start spraying. I hit the baseboards, thresholds, and occasionally around a window. You have my word, this stuff has outperformed the local pest control guys. I'll never go back. Not to mention, we're saving a lot of $$$.

I also spray the outside of our house, but for that, we use High Yield 38. (We chose to use a separate sprayer for the outside, simply because the chemicals are so much stronger.) We bought a bottle of the High Yield about three years ago and still have waaaay over half of it left. I HIGHLY recommend!

Enough about bugs. Little Man is camera shy as of late. In fact, he's become rather modest in the last few weeks. At times he asks me to leave his room, like when he's changing. Or he'll just say, "Mom, don't look." For whatever reason, this sense of modesty hasn't kept him from stripping down and running through the house, screaming like a banshee. Whatever.

For now, I'm snapping a few less of the Little Man. 

Happy Monday (or Tuesday) to you!

PS Go read my Sister's post here. Try not to cry.


  1. Oh you know that is soooo sweet Jenn! How precious! Certainly tugs at the heart strings...your grandparents' story is lovely.

    As for your post...YUCKY...the roaches I mean....eeeewwww!!!!!!!!

    And your little ones are all sweet as can be...even the shy little man. :) How wonderful that you were able to have a date with your little miss....such sweet moments to treasure.

    Love to you!
    Camille (in Canada...where it is still cold...but we are still smiling) xo

  2. Love the yogurt all over the doll:). Such a sweet date with a beautiful little girl! And the story of your grandparents is just precious!

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how awful the roaches have been at our house this spring. Thanks for the tips; I'm at my wits end with them!

    One on one time with the babies is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.

  4. I've never even seen a roach around here. PTL!

    I'm so glad you got to go on a date with your daughter. Jess and I had a wonderful mother/daughter trip a few weeks back. What precious memories. She is so different without her brothers and sister around.

  5. Dates are the best...and get this, mine are teens and still love dates! So keep it up! I wonder if your Demon mixture will take care of the brown recluse spiders that crawl through my home?! Not fun. BTU!

  6. So do you know if I have to change the amount of demon WP I mix into a batch when I am dealing with different pests?