Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today is week two of "get my booty back in shape." I am happy to report I have ellipticated (and as of this week, bumped myself up a level in intensity), lifted weights, and done my sit-ups (despite the two large beasts who think it's time to play when I lay down on the floor) every day last week (5x) and today made the third day this week. Woo. Hoo. Wanna join me?

Most mornings I have emailed or called The Engineer to report and I usually begin with "boo-ya. I worked out today." 'Cause I don't like to work out. And this is a big deal. I feel better, but don't really see a difference...yet. But, I am committed.

Our sweet neighbor turned seven last week. Our three were included in the festivities. They came home with these sweet babies. Little Man wore them into Sunday School. Just to make his teacher laugh. With his yellow cowboy boots and yellow suit (that was The Engineer's). Then they (the glasses) went in my purse. Little Bit wore them to the pool yesterday. They're pretty popular 'round here.

This week has been full of surprises...eighteen eggs tumbling out of my trunk...a play-mobile cannon part shot down the sink drain (still there) lipstick painted all over Little Man's face (he was "bein a clown." Sorry, no pics.) The children's entire set of breakable ikea play dishes dropped down the steps, several pieces broken, and a favorite vase... shattered.

"Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox." Proverbs 14:4

I was preparing dinner and looked over to see this sweetness taking place. I could eat. her. up.

Little Bit is WILD about Sister. And Sister is WILD about Little Bit. Their antics keep me laughing. Usually.

They are just WILD. And I love seeing them play. I love seeing Sister help Little Bit, encourage her, read to her, even dress her. And as of this week, Little Bit will nod "yes" when asked a question. SO WONDERFUL to have her communicating more! Plus, it melts my heart when she walks over to me and reaches up and I ask, "Do you want to sit in my lap?" And she grins HUGE and nods yes. 

"Last time. I promise." That's what I told The Engineer. He smiled back and said, "Don't make a promise you can't keep."

I leave you with this. As of the start of Summer, we agreed that once Sister is tucked into her bed, she can stay up reading or coloring. (Wise? Hmmm...I'd rather her read with the light on than by flashlight or closet light like The Engineer and I did.) I'm not sure how late she's been burning the midnight oil, but I know that at nine am this morning, I still hadn't heard from her. Upon entering her room, this is what I found. 

PS Guess who turns seven in seven days???????


  1. Can't wait to see the new striped room, trying for the life of me to figure out which room it is. I have a guess but I will wait to see!
    Love ya,

  2. I love the "oxen" verse. I did a whole devotion on that once.

    Don't you find eggs are a real pain to clean up?

    I hope she has a really good birthday.

    My girls are really starting to play together, too, despite their age differences. It blesses my heart. I love sisters!

  3. More stripes!!! Pure delight.

    I'm totally laughing over the ox and the manger.

    Oh, the energy in your house and the sibling love. Girl, you're doing a lot that's good and right. Broken dishes an always be replaced.

  4. "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox." Proverbs 14:4

    Love this verse! I have never thought of it in this application. It's a good one.

    Oh. And by the way. Boo-ya.

  5. Love the stripes, can't wait to see what that is going to look like!! And precious sister, sleeping with her crayons! Can't believe you have an almost seven year old!

    By the way, Emma is obsessed with your big sister present!! I love the bag to bits!! Thank you so much sweet friend for thinking of my little family!

    Love ya!!

  6. Totally relate to the need to work out and the non-desire to do so. Good for you for staying with it! I am a chunky mama (eating whatever the kids eat has proven to be a disaster for my waist line!). I am training for a mini-tri with some girls from my Bible study. We'll see how it goes! :)

    Love the stripes! Wish you could come and decorate my house for me! :)

    The girls are precious together. My heart often hurts for Hannah that she will not know the joys of having a sister. Looking for God to provide for all things. :)

    Have a fun weekend!

  7. Where do you get all your energy to keep up with 3 kiddos AND all these home projects! Whew. The house looks great!

  8. Good for you!! Do some extra time on the elliptical for me!!

  9. Fun times! WooHoo on the Ellipticating and the weights, etc...good for you! And yes, I do want to join you...only, I don't have the required machine, but I do have the think of me and I will think of you while we burn it off. :)

    One of our boys (nameless to protect the guilty) poured a whole bucket of rocks into our laundry room sink long ago...the rocks that went down the drain are still there too. :)

    Yippee for sibling friendships!

    Much Love to you my friend!