Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemonade & Stripes

Ahhh...sweet summer days. Sister has been going to VBS this week and our precious next door neighbor has taken her and brought her home each day. That has been a tremendous blessing! 

Little Man and Little Bit and I have rocked the mornings...which has included putting a yogurt filled spoon down the vent, which seems to be permanently stuck in place.

 It is SO STRANGE to only have two at home. 

They have played well and it's been fun, but just really weird.

Each year our VBS encourages the kids to earn money to help whatever the chosen cause is...this year, it's Tornado Relief in Alabama. 

The sign reads: "Offer Your Prise...Lemonade"

All money the children earn is being sent to a church whose Sanctuary was destroyed and who is not only seeking to rebuild their own Sanctuary, but they are also in the process of planting a church in a nearby, needy area, that also was hit hard by the tornadoes. 

All that to say, Sister and her friend next door decided to have a Lemonade Stand. Of course Little Man got in on the action.

And so we sat in the sweltering heat for a few hours yesterday. 

The children collected $48. Not bad. 

Even if they were their own best customers! 

Little Bit made a habit of conning the children into refilling her glass, and then promptly pouring it down her shirt. 

Random shot of Warrior...

and the big reveal...'cause I know you've been dying to see!


I am SUPER pleased with how this turned out.

It was a lot of hours of looking straight up and I am still feeling it in my neck and arms...

I keep asking The Engineer if he realizes I striped the ceiling. He smiles back and assures me he is well aware. 

And in other unrelated news...I currently weigh more than I have ever weighed except when pregnant. I am not pregnant. Something must be done. Today was day three of "get my booty back in shape." 2.1 miles on the elliptical, plus free weights, and sit-ups. My goal: this for 5 days/wk, for a month. Then I'll re-evaluate. I keep telling myself I can do anything for 45 minutes. I do not like to exercise. At. All. But I don't like what I see, either. Therefore, I ellipticate*.

* ellipticate: to work out on an elliptical machine


  1. I love the ceiling J! Also,
    I have put a few pounds back on while in Destin and am trying to get back myself (and I don't mean back from Destin, i could live! Anyhow, I think you look great but can understand wanting to get in better shape. Our thank-you gift to you may not help things :)Love ya and miss ya already!

  2. Ceiling looks cool! I too need to exercise daily, but have been avoiding it in the recent heat wave (despite the fact that we do have a treadmill. You and I can exercise together (albeit a couple thousand miles apart)! You can do it!

  3. Girl, you striped the ceiling... you striped the ceiling!!!! Wow, you have way more guts than I do, but it pays off because your living room is gorgeous!

    We had a table knife go down the bathroom sink drain 2 days ago...

    Love, love, love the black and white shot of your girls at the lemonade stand. Classic!

  4. LOVE your ceiling!!! Beautiful and totally worth your pain! Next time you head north, just zip on over to my house and help me decorate your spare time :)

    I want to ellipticate! I "can't find time." I think what I actually mean is I'd rather sleep than exercise!

    Little Bit is a little girl! I amazes me how quickly they grow! You have a beautiful, sweet family!

  5. The ceiling is amazing! MC is beautiful!! Her hair is getting so long! Love the lemonade stand - that's a lot of lemonade$$!!

  6. ~Jenn, *LOVE* your ceiling! So, so cool! Your Dane is growing and growing.... I think he is close to our Dane's age, right? Our "Dude" will be 2 this September.

    Looks like the lemonade stand was a smashing success! Perfect hot weather activity! Wish I could have stopped by!

    You go, you ellipticating woman, you! It'll pay off, for sure!

  7. That is very cool of the kids to do the lemonade stand! Side note: the church where we went to Easter service had the 200 year old chapel destroyed by big the tornado up here, sadly I know of a couple of more church that were hit hard also. that is awesome that yall are donating it to a church in need.

    Striped ceiling = awesomeness! Love it!

    Exercise and I do not get along...I dream of liking it, but in real life ice cream always wins out over exercise.

  8. Love the ceiling! Love seeing Little Bit's mouth full of pretty teeth! (ok, that might sound weird, but she's just got a pretty set! :)

    Photography question: I feel like you've been doing something different with most of your photos lately...really bright whites and very vivid colors. Is that something you're doing in editing or when you shoot? What is it, if you don't mind sharing your process? I always love learning from you!

  9. Love the big smile pic of MC! Adorable. Your ceiling looks awesome and makes me want one!

  10. Man, that looks so good!!! Jessica and I were practically drooling over your chandaliers and ceiling.

    Very cool.

    Tell Sister that her lemonade stand was a complete success. I'm so proud of her! $48 is awesome!

  11. Love the ceiling! Beautiful!

  12. Great ceiling!

    I also like the idea of kids earning their own offering money. Wonderful idea!

  13. I can't believe only one person has commented about Warrior! Come on gals, he's almost as cool as the striped ceiling, right!?

  14. What a beautiful blog and beautiful children you have!!

    WOW! That's your house?! That's the awesome that's happening inside? Remind me to never show you pictures of my place because the beauty you have is nothing in comparison. I wish I lived there. (maybe that could be arranged).

    Note - This is for The Engineer - Warrior is the coolest looking dog ever. Seriously. The best.

  15. Well done on the ceiling! And yea for VBS. VBS is awesome on so many levels.

    And take heart, friend, on the 'get-you-body-back' mission. It's one many of us are well familiar with.

    May the force be with you ...

  16. OH, I miss you SO MUCH! The ceiling looks UH-mazing and WOW~I hadn't realized how much MC has grown! She has always been precious but now she looks so grown up and gorgeous. Her hair has highlights!? and her eyes and her face are just beautiful! I can't wait to take you up on that offer and get a family photo of you all. You're one, good-lookin' family!
    Cheering you on as you ellipticate! :D lol. Happy summer!

  17. Diddo to what Family Snodgrass said! I noticed the difference too. Could you email me your response?

  18. Great word usage :)
    I, in particular, will not be using that word anytime soon. Nor will I be DOING that word anytime soon. Hats off to you!

  19. BTW, LOVE the chandelier, talented woman!

  20. love love love your stripes! absolutely beautiful!!!