Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Years Ago...

Happy Seventh Birthday sweet baby girl! Oh how precious you are to me! I will NEVER forget sitting in the laundry mat on campus (on a folding table), writing in my prayer journal, begging - pleading with God to give us a baby...and telling Him that in my heart, though I'd speak it to no one, I really wanted a baby girl. 

And I'll never forget going in for what would be my last check up. Miss Ann dropped me off so that when your daddy met me there, we could return home in one car. Shortly after I arrived your Daddy walked in and announced Miss Ann's husband had dropped him off, so we could ride home together in one car. Ha! We were stranded. And so we went on back for my appointment. Low and suspicions were confirmed! You were on your way! We were the last couple to leave the doctors office that afternoon and I was teary and so excited...and Miss Ann and her sweet husband were waiting. When we told them our exciting news, they rushed home to grab our bags and car...and they even cleaned our house! What precious friends! They were so happy you were on the way!

We stopped off at a pay phone in the hospital lobby to call the fam and tell them to head our way! You were about to make your grand appearance! Now, when we made that phone call, Bobo and Bebo were just about to eat dinner. Bobo was giddy she was so excited. I've been told she had never and has never since, eaten a meal SO FAST. And it was all so she could get here in time to meet you. In fact, I believe EVERYONE hurried to make it in time! 

You made your big debut at 3:54 am and weighed 6lb 14oz and were 20 1/2" long. You were perfect in every way. I will NEVER forget the doctor saying, "It's a GIRL!!!!!" Oh my sweet little one. A GIRL! God had given me the desire of my heart...a baby girl. I was so. Excited. We were ALL so excited! There were tears over your arrival. Laughter. Joy! Smiles! You had a HUGE crowd waiting to meet you. You were and you are God's good and perfect gift to us. You and your brother and your sister, y'all have all been God's good and perfect gifts to us.

I had never seen such beauty. And I had no idea I could love anyone so much. Your Daddy and I were thrilled with you. God had blessed us, so graciously, with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Our hearts exploded with love for you. 

Early that morning - after you'd been born, I was so excited, so happy, that after only a few hours sleep, I woke and wondered if I'd dreamed it. Had we really had a baby girl? And so I sat up in that hospital bed and leaned forward to read..."Baby Girl." And I sighed with contentment and thanked the Lord for precious and sweet YOU! For His kindness and goodness and generosity. For the ways He proclaims His loving tenderness! For His goodness. Always. In all things.

Your grandparents were there...rejoicing over you!

Even Grandma and Grandpa were there to meet their first great-grandchild! 

You have been so loved and celebrated since the day we learned God was knitting you together!

You've been adored and prayed over.

Your Aunt K drove ALL NIGHT long to be there to meet you. Sweet. Precious. You! And Aunt A brought her boy-friend along. (He said you looked like an alien...he was just a high school boy. Pay no attention.)

And I love this picture because it looks just like Bobo holding me on the day I was born. I'll show you that picture sometime. 

And here you are in your car seat. You were soooo tiny. So precious and perfect. We put a big pink bow (off the hospital door) on the side of your car seat. And we took you home. And when they wheeled me out of the hospital, I was struck with the terrifying thought that they were letting me leave with you! And God is good and gracious and merciful. 

As soon as we got home I rushed you next door and across the street. There were some little old ladies who wanted to see sweet little you!

Baby girl, YOU ARE SO LOVED. I love you with all my heart. I love you "this much in a football field." I am so thankful God gave us you. You are His good and perfect gift. We pray that you will walk with Him all the days of your life and we thank Him that He numbers those days in His sovereignty and goodness. How great is the Father's love! Happy Birthday precious baby girl! Seek Him with all your heart! I love you!


  1. That was beautiful!!!! I have to admit that I, also, prayed hard for a girl. I know I would have been happy either way, but I reaaaaalllly wanted a baby girl! And my prayers, also were answered! So fun! Happy Birthday to Sister!!!!

  2. How PRECIOUS!!!! Happiest of birthdays to sweet Sister! Yes, indeed...she is LOVED! :)

    Much Love to you Jenn!
    Camille xo

  3. Happy birthday Sister!!! What sweet memories!

  4. sweet! Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet, seven year old girl!!!

  6. What a sweet, precious post that she will always treasure! Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!!!! We are missing y'all at the pool! :)

  7. Oh, this gave me chills! I'd experience "birth day" a million times, if I could. Such a precious and worshipful experience.

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  9. Happy Birthday, M! It is so hard to believe that you are now seven! Reading this post brought tears to my eyes. It was an honor for us to help your parents welcome you into the world. We love you, and want you to know that you have been such a joy and blessing to us.

  10. Happy Birthday Sister!!! Great story :)

  11. What a loved little girl! It reminded me so much of when Josh was born. Grandparents and people all around! So many people waiting to welcome our firstborn into the world. What memories we have!

    This was just beautiful my friend.

    I have a two special prayer requests, one is on my latest blog post about our pastor, and the other is my grandma. She was put on hospice yesterday. She is failing slowly each day. She has COPD and it is so hard to watch her suffocate slowly.

    I would appreciate your prayers. This is going to be a tough month.