Monday, May 9, 2011

Your Hot. Yeppppppp!

Good Monday morning to you! We've had a jam packed weekend and I am thrilled for the new start and freshness today brings!

Little Man had his end of the year program Thursday morning. The Engineer got to take the day off and join us. I sat in the pew watching and wanting to pinch myself. To take it ALL in. To LIVE in the moment. To see. To hear. To listen. To savor. I can scarcely believe my Little Man has completed 3-P. The year has flown.

And he completely cracks me up. I am pumped about next year! PUMPED. I know their will be long days and there will undoubtedly be days I question my own sanity, but I have a peace, a confirmation in my heart that home is exactly where he needs to be next year. Peace like that is priceless.

With The Engineer being home Thursday, I slacked and Sister and I didn't do much school. The Engineer was off Friday, too. Again, we did a little, but not as much as I'd wanted. So...Friday night we tucked the littles into bed, sent The Engineer off to dinner and a movie with friends, and Sister and I got down to it. To be honest, I was dreading it, thinking, "really, am I insane? It's Friday night. We should let it go and play..." But we pressed on. And. We. Had. A. Blast. 

Sister whipped through her written work in no time and then we had a whopper of a book to read. We started off cuddling on the sofa and then it hit me...and I grabbed her hand and rushed her into my bathroom and we filled the sink with warm water and bath salts and soaked our feet while she read and read and read. And it was wonderful. And we both agreed, "homeschooling rocks." 

She asked if we could make "night school" the norm. Not a chance. Though it was fun!

Speaking of reading, this is a book Sister wrote earlier this year. Completely independent of my help. (Except one request for spelling on the words "borrow" and "marriage.")

(typed exactly as written)

Wow! said The mom bird. is my baby going to hatch.

it. is.!

STory 2

WoW Your HOT

i love you! kis!

We Will get mried mred mrid married

For real, how hilarious is that? Where did she learn to call someone "hot?" Oh, um, The Engineer and I have been known, upon occasion, to refer to one another as "hot." Hmmm...

So here's to a new week and homeschool and three children! Here's to seeing God's mercies new and fresh again and again.

And on that new and fresh mercies note...I am so thankful our Heavenly Father does not abandon His children. Mother's Day usually finds me at my worst. I battled selfishness ALL DAY LONG. I fought to bite my tongue and I pleaded with God to change me. I hate seeing how wicked my heart is. I hate who I really am... deep down... the thoughts of my heart that no one but me and my Father see. It is horrific. And it drives me in desperation to the cross. And all day yesterday, I kept seeing how pathetic I am in my self love. And it was about stuff. What I did get. What I didn't get. And I HATE that I am like that. Ugh. And so I would bite my tongue and give thanks to the Lord and beg Him to change me. And He is. And there is so much to change. I am corrupt in every part of my being and He is the only good thing in me. And days like my birthday and Mother's Day - they bring out my total love of self. It is on days like those that I stand in awe of God's mercies and tenderness. I wouldn't want to save someone like me. And while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. The righteous for the unrighteous. Thank You, Father.

Happy Monday. Delight in His mercies, friend!


  1. Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. You make me smile (and so do your precious little ones). For the record, Mother's Day is always a challenging day for me as I seem to face higher levels my own selfishness and battle unrealistic expectations. This year, following the counsel of a much wiser, older mother, I found great joy in focusing on other "mothers" who have played important roles in my life and in the life of my husband. Yes, my selfish, sinful heart still waged war within my but, by God's grace, focusing on other women He has and is using in my life was such a blessing.

  2. Your babies are beautiful! My flesh tells me often that "I'm just not called to homeschool my children." And then I read post like this and think HOW FUN and rewarding it must be to school your own children. :)

    Oh, yes. Mother's Day really brings out the best in me, too. Thank GOD He is merciful and willing to daily intercede for even us.

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  4. Ahhhh! So funny! She will love to look at these things when she's older and will crack up!

  5. Wonderful post my friend! We all have sinful hearts...that's why we need the Saviour! How precious HE is! I think you are doing a great job with those kiddos of yours and Sister's book is too cute. :)

    Selfisheness...hmmmm....that sounds familiar. I like the advice that Christian (first comment) was given...focus on others...that is a good way to battle it. :)

    Be encouraged...the LORD is working and Sanctification is taking place...what a blessing to belong to HIM!

    Much Love to you!
    Camille (in Canada) xo

  6. We can most definitely use Mother's Day as an excuse to be selfish. I battle it too. Two of my children did nothing for me. It kind of hurt my feelings. I fought with myself to not drop little hints and comments.

    I am glad I am not alone. I would give myself an 80 percent, overall. It's better than a C which is what I would have got last year.

    Praise God for his wonderful mercies.

    Sister's book is precious! I love the "hot" talk. too cute!

  7. Love how you did those top two photos. Genius!

    And I smile thinking of your joy and anticipation over the coming year. Yes, there will be challenges, but the peace and joy He can bring to our journey is such confirmation, isn't it??

  8. The selfishness in me also comes out on Mother's Day and my birthday. It's less about what I get. Instead, I always want a big deal made out of me, me, me. Thank you for the encouragement to fight this!