Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sail On

I wanted to share a quick little transformation that has made such a huge difference! The above painting was painted, if I have the story straight, many years ago by a co-worker and friend of The Engineer's Grandfather. I'm not sure why or how it ended up in The Engineer's hands, perhaps because of his love of sailing? Regardless, he loves this painting. For many years it's hung upstairs in the playroom. The children and I have recently begun pretending it's very much like the painting in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. You know? The one that comes to life and fills the room with sea water? Their way in...

Anyway, I just wasn't so crazy about the frame. Now, I know a lot of artists who have VERY strong opinions about the type frame in which their art should or should not be hung. I've been vented to, regarding "the tacky frame she hung my painting in!" I've even read of artists removing their work from certain frames. I have no idea who picked this frame. However, I like gold. So does The Engineer. And it's hanging in our house.

So I slid card stock between the canvas and the frame and brought out my trusty tube of "Rub n' Buff Antique Gold" and set to work. That $5 tube has helped with many a project.

Once she was dry, I carried her all over the house, holding her up here and there...and finally I came to the master bedroom...and I just knew it was a good fit. (I've been trying to re-work our bedroom...that's a story in and of itself... the walls used to be quite  dark. Several months ago....I painted them white. And we are loving it!)

The Engineer is thrilled. I really like the gold frame. And I loved seeing his face light up at the transformation. But more than that, I love that he is happy with its new placement. Sigh. 

Again, I stand amazed at God's sweet blessings and His attention to the seemingly insignificant. 


  1. That looks great. I too have fanied up many an item (often fraes) with that stuff. :)

  2. That looks awesome and you are right. It resembles the "Dawn Treader"! Very cool!

  3. Wonderful! Yes, our Loving Heavenly Father is IN the details!! Looks great. You better be careful...water may spill on you when you are asleep. ;-)


  4. Love it! (And the white walls!) You could be slowly converting me to a neutral girl, btw. :)

    Love y'all - need to talk soon


  5. Looks great and I like the white walls too! I'm still waiting on my home consultation. :)

  6. I love, love, love the white walls! It looks so crisp and clean. The painting looks great too!

  7. The painting looks great over your bed! Also, I wanted to share a little of my experience homeschooling Max this year, who will be 5 in September but not officially old enough for kindergarten. We started off the year really great- I got a preschool curriculum for $10 that you can download and print. I spent hours laminating so it could be reused. He did fine at the beginning but then qui my realized that it was much more fun to play Legos than do school. We had quite a few power struggles which ended with me angry and frustrated. Then a wise older mom (who has 4 boys) advised me not to require so much "official" learning from him yet. She said that just being a part of the process was enough for now and I needed more hands- on quiet toys that he could play with while I was having school with Briggs. So although it's the end of the year- we have only gotten to "P" in the weekly letter focus. But he has learned 8 poems and is memorizing the catechism with Briggs (I don't know which one- it's the one in Big Truths for Little Kids:) We're still Baptist- just reformed ones!! Haha! He has learned a lot during our Bible time but after that, he usually plays. Certainly, you may not run into this at all with T3, but I thought you might like to know what it was like for me. I think I set me expectations way too high and was devastated when he didn't meet them. Now I just try to relax and encourage him to do whatever I can without a fight. I wish I had done this sooner, but am apparently a slow learner:). I am so glad that we can share this homeschooling journey with each other!

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