Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get Yo Craft On!

First off, when I shot these, I accidentally bumped my camera settings, so these shots are a little, um, off, but I'm going to say it adds a nostalgic emotion...roll with me.

Several months ago Sister and I home-schooled at Barnes and Noble. She found a book on knitting and declared she wanted to learn. 

I sort of know how to crochet, thanks to my college roommate, but that would not do. HAD to be knitting.

A few Sundays ago, we met a college student who knew how to knit...and offered to teach Sister!

Which meant I'd be learning, too.

Between the mad knitting skills this friend shared with us, plus a little googling and youtube viewing, we're well on our way to making awesome scarfs doll blankets. (A doll blanket doesn't take nearly as much time as a scarf, you see. And if you tie it just right with yarn, it makes an awesome baby sling!)

Speaking of babies...a friend of ours is expecting a baby girl. I knew about the shower a few weeks ahead of time. And still, I FAILED to remember to pick up a baby gift. So when another friend called to say she wouldn't make the shower and would I take her gift for her, and it was like, 3 in the afternoon, on the day of the shower, I sort of panicked!

The worst part is, I was thrilled to celebrate baby girl with this friend! The thought of shopping for a gift excited me. 

I just lost track of time didn't want to venture out with three kids...I guess. I forgot. Bottom line. I didn't do it.

But, I had a stash of cloth diapers for just such an occasion (you know, bought them with the intent to make bunches of these and put them up so I'd have several on hand and be all organized...but never got to it...). And I have a super stash of scraps. 

I was pleased with the outcome. And truth be told, I had a much better time doing a little sewing for a friend than searching for just the right gift. Even if it was kinda last minute.

And in other news, last night we went out for BBQ. Sister and Little Man split a plate of pulled pork, corn on the cob, and chips. The waitress only brought one fork. The convo went like this:

Sister: "Can I have a fork?"

Me: "We'll ask for one when she comes back. Until then, just use your hands."

Sister: "Alright then, I'll just have to eat commando."


  1. Eat commando, I love it! And I love those burp cloths. You are so creative!

  2. LOL! Very cute. Love what kids say. Those are the cutest burb clothes I've ever seen!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes :) I am definitely blessed.

    Blessings, Jackie

  3. Too cute! Love the things your children say/do...they are sweet treasures. already know that. :) Your friend is the blessed recipient of your wonderful home-made gift...I am sure she was thrilled.

    Much Love,

  4. Love the burp cloths! Adorable! The commando comment is hysterical!

  5. Homemade is better! I have a super cute pattern for a knit scarf and it is very easy, will post about it. Also baby booties, I love baby booties, those wittle feet!I love the burp cloths, great idea!

  6. Wow! Again, I am super-impressed! Great job!

  7. Love those! They're so cool!