Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slipped In Scrap

Several months ago I came across this bench at the thrift store. I thought of about a hundred places I could use it - and knew a slip cover would be needed. We lived with it "as is" for several months while I moved it all over the house...

I knew I wanted to slip it in linen and as a bonus, I had lots of long, narrow scraps left from this project. Often I know what I want, but getting there scares this case, we lived with the bench in stages...

And then a few months ago I was overcome with all the half done projects scattered about our house and I decided enough. I would tackle them one at a time and FINISH something. So I dove in head first, starting with the bench.

 I could not be more happy with the end result!!!

The best part? I can throw the entire cover in the washing machine, I can even wash it on hot. I can dry it for a few minutes, or not at all, or completely, and then throw it back on the bench. 

It is holding up beautifully...and makes a super fort, too!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the slipcover--and your blog :o)

  2. Hurray for finishing stuff! It's a great feeling. For instance, I fully intend, one day, to "finish" all the laundry around here.

  3. love it, love it, love it. earthy and elegant at the same time. and i know what you mean about half finished projects and the need to knock 'em out.

  4. This looks like something someone would pay a lot of money for. Its beautiful. I have so enjoyed your last few posts. And I 100% agree about the laundry detergent in a pretty glass bowl. I love beauty in the everyday as well!

    Awesome job!

  5. You are amazeballs, seriously! I cannot get over how your mind works to recreate and repurpose pieces for your home!

  6. LOVE it! Sooo cute and functional all at the same time. Yaay for finishing something!! Feels so good, doesn't it? :)


  7. Always inspired by you and your finds!
    I've been meaning to tell you that I was thinking about you a week ago. I remember you blogging once about God being in the details...and the bike you found for your daughter.
    I prayed the same thing a couple weeks about a bike for Ella. And wouldn't you know, I found the exact bike she loved with a helmet and knee pads in perfect condition for only $18!!! New it costs $78. Such a blessing!
    Thank you for that encouragement way back when!

  8. Fantastic job! You did good, girl. Real good.

  9. Okay, I must know about the linen... now that you've lived with it on a sofa for a while, do you still love it? SO trying to get the nerve to do it, but I'm fearing that it will look a hot mess.

    On another note, I must tell you: I've followed your blog for a long time now, and you consistently encourage and challenge. Thanks for writing here!

  10. That would make a great hiding place around here!

  11. You are super talented. I need that bench since Oliver stabbed holes in my piano bench with a pen over and over (when he was 3). We haven't replaced it yet. What a fantastic idea!