Friday, December 10, 2010

Yippee Yi Yo!!!

In my total human flesh, I cannot stand the fact that my heart is softening towards this beast. I cannot stand the fact that I might, just a little bit, like him. This morning he rested his head on my lap and stood beside me contentedly. He's currently sprawled out on the living room floor, in front of a fire, as we read the last few chapters of Stuart Little

So often I sit at dinner and wish I could capture the moments...what I see before my eyes, because though some days creep, I realize these chaotic suppers will soon pass and no one will rush to the potty and sing, "glory to our God" with all their little heart while, ahem, going. So, I took advantage of that awesome wide angle lens.

We've made a tradition of eating dinner in front of the Christmas tree, and on really cold nights, we build a fire, too. 

On this particular evening, we dined on salad and homemade vegetable soup. My sweet and thankful children were kind enough to tell me they did not like the soup. Mom, I apologize for every unkind word I ever uttered about your cooking.

While I made that soup, Sister made her own version. Delish, I tell you. Onion peel, celery bases, a dash of soap...mmmmm.

When soup making got boring, they played, as Little Man shouts it,  "Yippee Yi Yo TEXAS - HERE I COME!!!" Huh? They take turns riding around the house on one another's backs and screaming as loud as they can, "Yippee Yi Yo TEXAS - HERE I COME!!!" and, if they're being technically correct, they have to keep one hand up in the air, "like a weal cowboy!"

Sister and I took a detour on math this week. We played Rummikub instead. We each had a board, but played as if we were on the same team. You know, helpin' a sista out.

And totally unrelated, yesterday afternoon I emptied out the upper right hand cabinets in our kitchen, wiped 'em down good, took a little sandpaper to 'em, and primed 'em. Woo hoo.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


  1. And, speaking of "peaks inside the house..." I am loving these pics! Might have to mimic some of your "wall hangings" in my own place :-) Love the mix of new and antiques...wish we were neighbors!!!

  2. How beautiful your life is Jenn! Enjoyed this post...*real* life is the best! Also...the tradition of eating in front of the tree is so wonderful!!! Treasure up these days...they will soon be memories.


  3. How fun to get a wide angle tour of your house! You and your sister have the finest sense of style and decorating.

    Your fireside dinner looks cozy and wonderful. What a great tradition!

  4. Love the wide angle!!
    Too funny about the kids letting you klnow they dont like the soup. Jake and I have a deal that if he doesn't like something he's allowed to tell me that way I dont waste time making it again (odds are though if he doesnt like it I dont either)!

  5. Great house!
    Love that you apologized to your mom about your childhood complaining :) Too bad it takes that long for us to figure out that wasn't very smart.
    Love the medicine on your window sill... makes me feel normal ;)
    Merry Christmas!