Monday, December 14, 2009

Multitasking At Its Best

Want to know something kind of gross?

I have some warts on the bottom of my feet.

Since August I've been applying an acid paste to them in between rounds of having them frozen off. This morning, I had to tote little bit with me for my fourth "procedure." The doc was running a bit behind schedule. Nap time was fast approaching and baby was almost asleep in my arms when the doctor came which time little bit began fussing...and rooting. Though it wasn't "time," I asked the nurse and doctor (both of whom are "misses") if they'd mind me nursing? They assured me they would not, so, with both feet propped up, baby nursing, and while digging my fingernails into my arm...the doctor razored off some of the dead skin around the warts and then froze 'em. Um, it kind of hurt sort of really bad.

Midway through she commented, "this is multitasking at its best!"

I used to be quite modest. Ahhh...the things we do as mamas. You kind of have to laugh.

After the fact, I loaded MC into her warped stroller and pushed her on out. It pulled left quite severely. Just wondering...what might happen if I backed into it from the other side? Do you think it might straighten out a bit? Perhaps it might fold a tad bit easier? As it is, the man sitting in the truck behind my vehicle got a kick out of me wrestling the thing closed. Seriously, though, thoughts?

In other news 'round these parts...

Fresh from the tub, she took to "fixin' her own hair." I hurt just watching her and wondered what our chances were of removing the brush. Thankfully, she wrestled it out and was quite pleased with herself. Now, as for the tangles...

Some days his energy exhausts me. This was one such day. I sent him out to play and within seconds, he'd scaled the hood. A-ha! A new game!

Oh! How she goes and goes and goes!!! (And even has a raw spot on her little toe...but I suspect that might be from the "help" MW and little man provide. They are rather eager.)

And...I introduced the children to a new snack. Since we used craisins, we dubbed 'em "ladybugs on a log." I'd forgotten how wonderful a generous heap of peanut butter on a crisp stalk of celery tastes.


  1. Jennifer.... Loved it all. And you are never going to believe me but I had BAD plantars warts on my hands and feet and guess what got rid of them in an matter of weeks {like 2 maybe 3}... breast milk. I even pumped a few bags for a friend who had one on her hand and it got rid of her too! DO a google... you'll see the medical records. Let the razor damage heal a little and the use a q-tip dip it in milk and dab it on them 2x or 3x a day... I've had them twice and fortunately was lactating both times. I think I get them while I'm pregant because my immune system is compromised. ANYWAY... I swear by it. And... what have you got to lose but a little dab of milk and hopefully some warts that hurt. I can't believe you could actually nurse while she worked on you!

    And... we love "ladybugs on a log" yum-o. I need to get some celery it's been a while. Ok, I just got on the computer to look something up and here I am... durn reader! :)

  2. I cant believe you were able to nurse during that! OUCH! Once my brother caught me nursing on the edge of the tube while wiping Kaylee after she pooed. He came around the corner to ask me a question and that was what he found. HA! He flipped out, and it made me laugh
    Oh and Im glad Kaylee isnt the only one that swings her sister in the jumper and injures her. Why do they think it is so fun to bang their siblings around?

  3. Oh J! Before you do anymore freezing (eeks, that sounds painful) you might want to try my mom's method. She had several warts and just couldn't get rid of them. Then someone told her to put pineapple skin on them. She uses medical tape to tape the pineapple skin (wet side touching the wart) to the warty spot overnight, then airs it out in the day. Then repeats the process the next night, and so on. You can keep the same pineapple skin in the fridge and tear off the pieces as you need them. She does the p. skin every night for about a week or until the wart dries up. The warts she used the pineapple skin on are gone!! It is WAY less expensive (which I know you're a fan of) and it's obviously less painful.
    Love those 'lil ladybugs on a log. Yes, a crisp stalk of celery with some peanut butter is so yummy! You made my mom crave some just now. :) That pic of little man on the car is too funny. A girl's best friend is chocolate or shoes, a guy's best friend is a car. :) Ah, the life of 3 children. You handle it well. As the Scotts said, "You truly are a Supermom!"

  4. You are TOUGH! Your blog is such a blessing! There are days that I wonder if I can handle it all...then I come here and I know that I can. After all, I still have 2 to go to catch up with you :) Thank you for your wonderful honest posts!

  5. Oh, the places we nurse our little ones. I used to be modest, too, ha!

    Your kids are so cute. I still can't get over how much T3 looks like T! I mean, the spitting image of what he looked like in our kindergarten pictures!

  6. MW has fabulous hair! What thick chestnut waves!

  7. Grerat post J ~ It's fun to read about all your journeyings through this life! :) Oh...nursing and have a "procedure" done at the same time...yup...interesting!! The blurred picture of your little one in the jolly jumper is priceless...frame-able! :)


  8. Oops!! That's supposed to say...GREAT post! :)

  9. I made ants on a log for my nephew just last week. No celery, so I used baby carrots, which was harder to manage, but he loved them!

  10. It's amazing what we'll do sometimes, isn't it?!

    I'm loving Little Bits chubby thighs! Looks like she's been enjoying ladybugs on a log too.

  11. Sorry about the warts---but impressed by your ability to nurse while in pain. I have such a low threshold of pain I don't know if I could have done that!

    Seeing MW with that brush reminded me of when I got gum stuck in my hair...glad she was able to get it out without tears!