Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last week we had her Christmas program. (And I didn't realize until the morning of the program that she was to wear jeans, not a jean skirt (me and two other mamas)...we don't have jeans (she can't stand 'em) so we went with the jean skirt...only, it appears she's grown a bit since last summer. It was, um, shall I say, a tiny bit too short. So... we paired it with thick tights.

She had a speaking part...

with one of her best friends (MW's looking at her). They both did AWESOME!!!

And they all told Jesus they love Him. Pretty sweet.

Little man has been up to his normal tricks...

He's always quite entertaining...

and a little insane...

and keeps us laughing.




I can see little bit growing every day. She's becoming so - interactive? So fun. So reactive?! I love to watch her tiny fingers explore.

She is quite inquisitive.

And determined.

There's nothing like making a mid morning snack to the noise - I mean, music - of my own little maestro.

A midmorning snack of...graham crackers with white chocolate peanut butter and sprinkles. Sometimes we use dark chocolate peanut butter.

This stuff is ADDICTING. On bananas...graham crackers...strawberries...celery...toast...just about anything...and sprinkles make it so fun!

Dinner last night...Chicken with Spicy Peanut Sauce. It's a favorite of ours! Only this time MW turned her nose up at the bamboo shoots. T told her Chinese princesses eat bamboo shoots. MW looked him in the eyes and said, "well, I am NOT one."


  1. Your children are beautiful. Little Man's big brown eye's melt me... I've always wanted to have a brown eyed baby!

    Okay, you've intrigued me with the chocolate-peanut butter spreads. Where do you buy them? I've never heard of that before.

    And, Spicy Chicken with Peanut Sauce, yum! A recipe, pretty please.

  2. LOVED catching up on my blog reading!!! Such cute posts!!!!

  3. Yes we need the recipe! Sounds so yummy!

    those pics are usual!

    and can we come to your house? especially for mid morning snacks.....we dont have those around here (lazy momma)

  4. mmmmm...chocolate and peanut butter....I love that combo!! Love the pics, as usual!!!

  5. Love the chin on the hands in the 1st pic!

    And the chocolate peanut butter? Oh my.

  6. I want some of that peanut butter~of course for the grandchildren!!!Will have to find some very soon. And MW looks great in the jeanskirttights outfit!

  7. I've bee reading your blog for about 6 months now (can't remember how I stumbled upon it). I just love all your pictures and words of encouragements to other mommies!
    Your family is so beautiful and I hope that 2010 is a year of blessings for you all!
    Thanks for sharing with us all!
    Sarah (Ella's mom)