Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scrap Houses

This is what happens...

when you have three children...

and no eyes in the back of your head...

The first two pictures are of the "houses" MW and T3 "built"...with lots of glue.

By the way, I figured that glue would wash out of little man's hair...
I was wrong. 
I tried to comb it out, but he cried...real hard. 
It just isn't worth it right now. 
He still has glue in his hair.

As tempted as I am to finish this post, there is a precious little five year old who has just come out of her tent (where she is sleeping tonight) to "talk with mommy." 

See ya tomorrow!


  1. oh, poor J! I just got your sweet email btw! Peanut butter will get the glue out. (Peanut butter will get dried mud and bubble gum out of hair as well.) Just gently rub some peanut butter (preferably creamy peanut butter) into T3's hair until the glue begins to unstick. He might enjoy this process--it just sounds like a boy thing to rub peanut butter into one's hair! Then gently "pull" peanut butter out along with glue. Rinse with water. You can shampoo his hair to get the rest of the peanut butter out. I hear conditioner gets glue out too. I'm 99.9% sure this will work,Remember I'm the 3rd of 6 kids... :) Let me know if this works!!! Love you!

  2. Sorry about the glue! I hope it comes out of his hair without too many tears!

  3. My Mom says that's one of the "proofs" that evolution isn't true - no eyes in the back of your head and after millions of years, moms still only have 2 hands. Hang in there!
    Love you!

  4. Jennifer, Will you email me? All I have is your centurytel email and it's coming back to me!? Thanks!!

  5. hey, Jennifer! just wanted to let you know that I moved to Blogger yesterday!! :) mine is only open to invited viewers, so could you please email me the email ad you use for your google account? Thanks! Love ya!