Monday, July 13, 2009

Whoa, Nellie!!!

We (the MIL and I) took all three to the doctor today...MW was due for her five year, little man was a little past due for his two year, and MC was due for her two week. Three is a lot more than two. MW got her blood pressure taken...twice, 'cause the first time the machine messed up. Little man did not get to have his blood pressure taken and was quite upset about it. I promised MW no more shots until she turns 11...she got her finger pricked today. She didn't cry when they pricked it, but nearly did when JJ brought her back in the room. MC did get her heel pricked, and evidently has "tough heels." It took several minutes to get the five required drops of blood. And little man was quite upset over not getting to get pricked. Go figure. 

(a friend sent a gift for big sis and big bro...thank you!)

We are now flying solo. JJ and Grandma headed home this afternoon, following their dress-up tea party, hosted by MW. I will certainly miss the extra hands...the help with meals...and baths...and ironing...and laundry...and tucking little ones into bed...and burping little bit...and washing dishes...and running errands...and more...yep. I'm going to miss them! Thank y'all so much for helping out these past several days. You've been a huge blessing and I've appreciated you lifting so many responsibilities! Thank you so much!

Oh...and a refreshing little treat! Hope you'll enjoy!

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothies:

1 banana
1 heaping T peanut butter
ice (a few handfuls)

Put banana and peanut butter in blender, add a few handfuls of ice and a little milk (maybe 1/2 a cup - sorry to estimate, I'm not good about measuring ingredients...). As you blend, continue to add milk until you reach desired consistency. This is a GREAT and delicious pick me up! 

MW and T3 are down for the night. (Lord willing!) We just tucked little bit into her crib...and now we're going to take full advantage of Net Flix and a little shut eye! 


  1. So happy to find your blog page through Courtney! (Yes- We did meet each other at Moe's the other day)
    Hope you're having a great week. I know that feeling of seeing those extra hands leave after a new baby arrives!

  2. mmmmm...that shake looks good!! I bet little man would have felt differently about the heal prick if they had done it!!

  3. Love the tough heel and the sad heart because of not being pricked!!!! :)
    I'll tell mom the kiddos like the video.
    Thanks for your sweet call last night. That made my heart so happy! :) Love you!