Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh...the Changes!

Life as we knew it, has changed. I'm not referring to the wonderful addition of MC, but rather to the new tricks the little man has learned. Self taught, to boot.

For instance, he has started getting out of bed and coming downstairs upon waking...whereas before, he would call to us from his bed and wait for us to get him.

Ok. I'm ok with that. But, Friday morning, the little guy came downstairs early and T and I were still in bed. We woke to little man on his tip toes, UNLOCKING the DEADBOLT and OPENING an exterior door.

Later that morning, I followed him into the living room. I missed a grand photo op...when he was unlocking the top bolt...and shortly after, he headed to the kitchen, and on tip toe, unbolted that deadbolt.

So...we're having a security system installed.

Backtracking a little...
Thursday afternoon T cut the yard...
and had some help.

good help.

And when he'd had enough help, those little hands and feet took off for the "park" as they've affectionately named their swing set. (Which has been the BEST EVER combined birthday gift from the entire family for both kids' birthdays!!!)

No doubt, you probably noticed MW's "jumpsuit." At least that's what the neighbors called it. It was mine...and Katie's...and A's...

When I described to Mom exactly what MW had come downstairs wearing...the jumpsuit, pink strawberry shortcake flip flops, a pink hat with a big flower on it and a purple ankle bracelet (not pictured)...Mom replied with, "well she's definitely your daughter!" hee hee.

And here she is taking a break from working out!
(note the koozie turned wrist/sweat band...) Can we say 1985?


  1. YES! The jean jumpsuit. It looks like what a mechanic would wear...but denim. Nice.

    Can't wait to see you...day after tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!!!

  2. I cannot wait until our j is old enough to help me in the lawn--that is if we ever have a lawn again!

  3. I am so laughing, Luke does the same exact thing with the koozies!

  4. I spy a skid-mark in pic number 1. :)