Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

How do I sum up how amazing and wonderful you are????

Quite frankly, there is just no way. 

I've been in love with you since the ninth grade...smitten with you. Like...I stared at you in Mrs. T's English class...and I only stayed in band 'cause you were in band...and I thanked God every year I got put on your side of the field in marching band ('cause I could stare at you while pretending I was watching the drum major)  and I'm still amazed I didn't get kicked out of band...since I can't read music or play any instruments, nor could I made working at Chick Fil A glorious - like really, if you were there, I couldn't wait to get there!

You amaze me.  Constantly. 

I admire you for the incredible man that you are. My heart smiles in the mornings when I walk through the house and find your Bible sitting out, because I know you spent time with your heavenly Father. What an example you are to me! 

My heart is blessed as I watch you with our children. I adore the ways you pour yourself into them and desire to teach them to honor God. 

When we married, you were charged with loving me as Christ loved the chuch and laid Himself down for have done that well. You have loved me well. You have died to self in the ways you have loved me. You are a Godly man. 

I am so proud of you for being manly enough and having the courage to stand for what is right, no matter the matter what others have thought of you. 

I admire your courage and strength in admitting your weaknesses, confessing your sins, and humbling yourself before God in repentance. 

You are talented beyond measure. You constantly amaze me as you dream up these amazing ideas and figure out how to build them and make them beautiful. You have the mind of an engineer and the creativity of an artist. I love that you pay attention to your craftsmanship and that I have total confidence that when you do something, you do it right. 

I love that not only do you dream up your own ideas and execute them, but when I dream up an idea, you add your own fine touches to it and you make it a reality. The work of your hands amazes me. You amaze me. 

I thank God for you. I treasure you. Thank you for the ways you lay your life down for me. You point me to Jesus. 

Thank you for being a courageous man of commitment and honor and integrity. 

Thank you for choosing me to share your life with. I am honored. 

I thank God for your life and I thank Him for the many ways He has drawn you closer to Himself in this last year. 

You are a warrior, my warrior...fighting the good fight!

You are a good man.

I have tremendous respect for you. Respect that grows daily. Thank you for being a man of integrity and honor!

I am deeply in love with you. 

Happy Birthday Baby!


  1. You leave me speechless sweetheart. Now, if only I lived up to all of these things each moment of everyday I'd have it made (or maybe you would have it made);)
    I'm very thankful that of my 28 years, you've been my wife for a quarter of them. Thanks to you and the kids for making today so special, I love you.

  2. Happy Birthday from the Purvises!

  3. Um...I never called to wish you a happy birthday! I did make it to the post office to mail you a little birthday happy so i WAS thinking of you...but, you're a guy. you don't really care, right? :) love you, t Happy birthday you old man

  4. Happy day to you T!!!!!
    J. that was precious! We are so thankful for you both. T. we hope for you a wonderful year!!!!!

  5. Oh yeah, we planted our orange trees. Cows are coming soon and the sheep too. LOL!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday T!
    J I rejoice with you that you recognize how God works through T and encourage him. I am so happy for both of you. I love that you get it that he is a warrior. I could just say so much, like when are you moving to Atlanta?!!
    Don't worry, friends reading this comment. Just my wishful thinking, I miss my friends!
    I am glad for both of you that you live and worship where you do.

  7. J- What a sweet tribute to your sweet husband!!! I am proud and happy for y'all!!!! ily bobo