Monday, March 23, 2009

Back in the Groove

Well...sort of. As you may know, we took off for Memphis early Sunday morning. I went from sound asleep to packed with both children in tow, and a gassed up, oil & tire checked car in 45 minutes flat. Sweet.

I literally pulled into mom's driveway, loaded up her gear in a matter of minutes and we flew to drop MW and T3 off with T's parents. MW had to miss it all, thanks to that sweet little child in her class who shared the love! Ugh! I'm thinking the next time we're all sick, we'll spit in a cup and take it over to that sweet fam! ha.

And though we were flying (if you've NEVER sped, you can lecture me about how unwise I was.)...we got there a few hours after little Mary Thomas was born. As soon as we walked in the door Katie said, "oh! The squealers are here!" Such a sweet time. I was either giddy or teary with joy the entire time! Mom was a complete excited wreck! And I mean that in the kindest way and I type it with a smile on my face. She was giddy with excitement...calling a milllion people, sharing the wonderful news!!! So fun!

It's amazing how a miracle... how Mary Thomas, brought us all flying into Memphis...we love you sweet baby girl!

Katie is rocking it in the motherhood department! I am so proud of her!

And Mary Thomas...sweet girl, you are precious!!!

So we're all back home and getting into the swing of things...which has included a GIANT 35oz tub of cheese balls! I haven't had those since Friday nights with my grandmother, Mamie. T and I both have vivid memories surrounding cheese balls in those cylindrical cans...and as he told the children while we were at Sams, "isn't it fun shopping with mom when she's pregnant? You get all kinds of stuff like cheese balls!"

We've been working on a few projects around a swing for the porch (I guarantee you it isn't what you're imagining) and curtains in our bedroom...more to come on that...

MW had a BIG day today! She got a check for $5 in the mail from the great grandparents...and she signed her name to the back and we went INSIDE the bank and she told the teller she'd "like to cash a check." She stashed her cash in her purse...she's still saving for the "Molly movie!" And then we went to CVS, where she dropped off her throw away camera to have her pictures developed...which we picked up at 12:15 to the tune of $11.12!!! What??? When did single prints get so pricey??? Anyway...there were a few pics of T and I telling our parents we were preggers with MW! (It was an old camera we'd found cleaning out...)

I've been avoiding blogging because, after nine years of using a mac without ANY problems (except ones that I dropping it off the sofa, etc) my computer keeps crashing. I've given roughly ten hours of my life to apple technical support in the last few days and to re-installing this and that, etc. all to no avail. I'll be shipping her off once yearbooks are sad.

More to come...


  1. Such a sweet little one! She's precious!

    Glad y'all are home safe! Good luck with your projects!