Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Celebration...

A few days ago I pulled out my wedding dress...a special someone is borrowing it...but before I sent it her way, I let MW try it on...little man wanted in on the action and fussed about not getting to wear the dress. T's mom came to the rescue with one of T's I guess the kids had their first official wedding...why am I seeing a million pics of Jennie J. in a wedding dress posing in front of her fireplace??? :)

Lookin' good...

MW dressed herself for ballet...needless to say, I pray I don't forget how precious these days are!!! I mean, I NEVER would have put that together. I did help a sista' out by tightening up those "pink tales."

Oh how we celebrated last night! The big 28 for my man!!! A cookies and cream yogurt pie from TCBY. Mmmmm.....

And the pie was fabulous!!!

And the kids LOVED licking the candles.

And they loved the pie...

A lot...

Perhaps a bit too much. Little man was NOT happy when told "no" he could not have a third piece. (Let's not forget what happened the last time he ate TCBY...)

After the little ones were down and the dishes were done and it was time to turn in, I opened the back door for whatever reason and these lovely little roses greeted me. You might notice someone (MW) had tucked some faux roses in with the real deal...

And lest I forget...we went for a walk as a fam a few nights ago...for the first time ever, MW wanted to walk and push her doll stroller. Just so you get the full picture...I'd already bathed the children and MW had picked pink polka dotted footies to sleep she slipped her brown and pink cow girl boots over the feet and off we, I neglected to mention that she outgrew the pajamas a few months ago...really, I hope I NEVER forget the image of that precious little girl with her baby tucked soundly into the doll footies on...fitting slightly snug...and the clickety clack of those gorgeous cowgirl boots...TOO CUTE! A neighbor saw her, got a good chuckle, and simply smiled at us and said, "have fun!"


  1. Love the pic of MW in your wedding dress! SO SWEET!

  2. Oh Jen... LOve the pic of MW in your wedding gown. You are so brave to let her do that! SHe's such an angel!

  3. I am glad I found you and can keep up with you. Your wedding dress is beautiful and your kids are so cute!

  4. The picture in your dress reminds me of the 1800s phototypes that would have a little bitty girl in a gown. Just a little head poking out the top. :) Man, life with all boys is soooooooooo much different! Love T3s pjs!!!!

  5. I always love seeing the outfits that MW picks out. What precious times! How fun that she got to put on your wedding dress. I know she was thrilled.

  6. How cute is little Miss MW in that dress? Yes, it reminds me of many, many pictures of myself!

  7. We need you to post a pic of you in that dress now : )
    Love the post and the visual of MW on the walk!

  8. Before we know it, MW will be trying on wedding dresses for her own big day! ily bobo