Monday, October 20, 2008

Say WHAT???

This afternoon MW sauntered into the kitchen and said, "It's just not fair...." NOT FAIR!!!! Where did she hear that??? So I told her the truth...what my Mama told me..."Life isn't fair." And I hated hearing the words depart from my lips. There was little that grated on my nerves like Mom saying, "life isn't fair." I am becoming my Mother.

We passed a shirt at Target tonight and MW squealed, "look Mom! It's Hannah Montana!" Where did she learn about Hannah Montana??? So I asked, "MW, tell me about Hannah Montana." And her reply, "Well Mom, it's a city and that girl lives there." But I tell you, every H.M. item we passed got a squeal! Ugh!

My neighbor came over to borrow a video and really ticked me off...I got angry. That kind of "good night" and close the front door in a most timely manner and walk inside ready to give someone a PIECE OF MY MIND kind of angry. It was about politics and basically, how can I live with myself and stand before God with a clear conscience if I vote for anyone other than a certain private party my wise husband said, politics is not the church. If you're my friend, you know I'm voting for McCain (even though I don't agree with EVERYTHING) and you know I think Sarah Palin is pretty stinkin' cool.

T3 is cutting four teeth. I think they're his incisors... whatever they are, they are the instigator of many a melt down!

For the last few months we've had a standing deal with MW: if she can remember three things - any three things - from the sermon (we're not talking three points, just ANY three things) we'll take her to get ice cream. Sunday Mom was here celebrating her birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) and when we settled into the pew at church, Mom drew three circles on a piece of paper and told MW to draw something she heard the pastor talk about in each circle. The girl drew nine circles and filled each one with things she heard during the sermon! Yahooo!!!! (will post some of these pics another time...)

So we went for ice cream. MW and T3 both picked neon blue ice approximately 12:30am T3 puked. Thankfully, T was still awake and agreed to take care of things. Thanks, babe! There was neon blue puke EVERYWHERE - in his hair, on his clothes, all over the bed, bed skirt, and rug, on bo bear and on his blanket...! And...we'd used the rest of the vinegar when Scout had her "accident." Ugh! That's so what a grocery list is for! So anyway...all that to say...I am so thankful he took care of that for me. I secretly hope he'll lavish me with tons of thanks for all the times I've cleaned up puke or other nastiness and for all the spot treating I've done and puke/nasty loads I've washed...It was really nice to roll over and go back to sleep while he slaved away. As I fell asleep I thought, hey, worse case scenario, we'll move the crib to cover the blue stain sprays out several feet. We just won't be crib movin' like that. However, I will be steam cleaning tomorrow!

I haven't touched my books today...

And Andi, if you're reading this, know that I dedicated the baking of our pumpkin pie to you. I could hear your voice as I licked the batter off the spatula and it was soooo good. (now I'll probably die of salmonella!) - hope you're smilin'!


  1. My sweet friend, I am smiling. :) LOL
    I wanted to call you last Sunday and tell you what a great job you are doing as a mama. I never did, but I wanted to encourage you.
    I am lovin' the Pie Dedication. Does that mean I get some? Just kidding. :)

  2. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU, THAAAANKKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU!!!!!!! for always cleaning up the puke. It was NOT fun. I thank all moms everywhere (but most especially my wonderful wife) for keeping the world puke free (except when y'all are pregnant of course, which is understandable). J, you really are the best, I can't imagine trying to do what you do all day. I love you very much. Also, everyone at work LOVED the pie.

  3. Sam totally said "that's not fair" to me today and I said the same thing you did. So I guess I am turning into your mother too! Ha! So I did get your message and have every intention of calling you back very soon!! I miss you friend!