Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quite Strange...

First, a few pictures pre-neon throw up...

(note the blue drool/drip...)

Hot Daddy!

Ok, Seriously, have I done something wrong???

Tonight I was steam cleaning the rug in T3's room, trying in vain to get that darn neon blue stain out, while the kids ran wild in the playroom. I thought I heard crying and went to investigate. MW had covered her little table with a blanket and had a doll laid out on top...the kind of doll that has eyes that open and close...and MW was crying - real tears.

"Mama, she's dead. This is Molly and she is dead. She died. Do you want me to tell you how she died?"

So, feeling a bit odd, I sat down and said, "ok."

MW dramatically rises from her bent over position of stroking "Molly's" face and turns her chair to face me and begins with "Well, let me tell you."

I realized I was in for a long story...so I asked her if she wanted to tell me the story or eat candy corn while I read her Charlotte's Web. She quickly picked the latter...

We're on chapter 5. I still haven't gotten to touch any of my books. I have four freelance jobs to tackle tonight...hmmm...will be a late night; probably sans reading. That's ok. It's been a fun night.

On a different note, yesterday I stepped in the bathroom for a twenty second respite from little ones, during which time I would very quickly take care of business...and in the midst of that time, I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me about a rather large heart issue of mine...I thought, of ALL the places the Holy Spirit would choose to work in my heart! I shared this with an older and wiser woman and she laughed and said, "you know, that was probably the only quiet place He had to speak to you."

And last, 257 shots in about fifteen minutes...here are the highlights!

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  1. AHHH! Look at Bobo! She looks SO happy! :)

    T3 came out of the womb beautiful...and he just keeps getting even more so. And that MW. I could just eat her up!