Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Intentions

...of posting, that is...

T has been off since last Monday and it has been HEAVEN!!! So wonderful to eat as a family, to run errands as a family...to drive carpool as a family...to have my man at home...to help with baths and tucking in at night...it's been SO NICE!!! His schedule has been crazy busy and this is some MUCH NEEDED time at home!

Here's an idea...if you don't want to eat it, wear it...(that would be turkey on his head...)

Spaghetti was a success...I made it a few nights ago and felt as if I got my first little glimpse of what feeding a boy will be like. The little man ate an entire plate full...and then ate an entire SECOND plate! Get ready, huh?

We got some hand me down tennis shoes, which the little guy insisted on wearing - wet - (just out of the wash) with his pajamas...

And for the first time since we moved here...WE GOT SNOW!!! Not much, but a little. I've circled the three snow flakes that were visible...regardless of how intense it was snowing, it was quite cold out...and you can see MW insisted she was not cold. Right. In her sleeveless t and kitchen towel shawl, uh huh.

And one last shot of the little man...he left on Sunday for a week with the grandparents...

Fun! But, I miss him so much! I miss his laugh and the pitter patter and thud thumps of his run through the house...I miss hearing him say "tinkle star" and "big guck!" (truck)...but one on one time with grandparents is good...and one on one time with MW is really good.

We've decided we would have done her a terrible disservice had we left her an only child...she handles all the attention with quite a bit of vigor!

However, I do believe I've gotten to know her more in these last few days and it's been so amazing to spend time talking and hanging out with her. Sunday night she asked for an ice cream date...and T ('cause she's got him wrapped around her little finger) caved and let her get TWO toppings! (I thought ice cream was the treat...)

She's told me all about having five children, as of this afternoon, that became seven. Their names: Sheryl, Sheryl, Sheryl (yes, three named Sheryl), Caleb, Baby Jack Jack, Chopey, and Martha. She has also informed me that she is going to marry JW...and that she is his princess even though he isn't treating her like a princess...

This week is "Community Helpers" week at school. T went to speak to MW's class. Upon arrival her teacher pulled me out into the hall and between giggles shared what happened Friday. Evidently MW approached Mrs. W and told her that JW refused to marry her and have children with her. Mrs. W assured her she had plenty of time until she would marry and not to worry about it. MW continues by telling Mrs. W that EP says that JW is in love with her, but that EP is lying...or "maybe telling a parable." (They've been studying parables in chapel...which had been explained as "Stories Jesus told." Great, now she thinks Jesus lied. Got to clear that one up!) Mrs. W assures MW that she has nothing to worry about. A few minutes later, Mrs. W notices MW with her head down on her desk sobbing. Mrs. W asks MW if she's still upset about JW, to which MW replies, "He isn't being gentle and he isn't being handsome and he isn't treating me like a princess."

Talk about unmet expectations...

Tonight MW and I curled up in front of a fire, ate dinner, and watched Molly An American Girl on the Homefront. Talk about precious...I'd like to think my tears are due to preg. hormones...I cried when her daddy asked her on a date and when he gave her her birthday gift...it's a precious movie!

And on the home front, T has been busting rear working on finishing the front of the house...and it's looking so stinkin' good! For the last four years two by fours have been supporting that part of the house...not anymore. Oh man, oh man! It looks good!!! T is so skilled and amazing! One day I'll post before and after pics of this house...she's come a long way!

Until then...enjoy!


  1. what a beautiful, precious family.

  2. What a great family picture in the snow! And the house looks GREAT!

    MW's Bumpits comment is tooooo funny!

  3. I love the whole update! I love the last pic of the house.. it is so beauitful. And that MW... she's something else! Loved our time together last weekend... lets do it again soon!

  4. your house looks great! I wish I could see it in person! We got a lot of snow, but it seemed like it melted quickly. MW is so funny, I wonder if you will get to have two of those dramatic girls or two hungry boys (Max will eat three pieces of pizza on a good day.) But many days he barely eats anything. Go figure.

  5. I laughed out loud at the story about MW and what happened at school! Kids are so funny!

    The house is looking great!

  6. How do you make drawings on the pictures?

  7. Just travelled a little into your archives and landed on this post ~ read it from start to finish. You have a lovely way of telling about life. Your home is SO pretty...I know all about renovations...oh dear me...what a lot of work, but so worth it all in the end! Did I just write that?? Well, it is true...and the painful memories do fade.