Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newlyweds Again!

I know it hasn't really been a week...but it is that time of year...year book season...so my every spare moment is consumed with scanning and cropping and la, la, la...which has kept me away from the blog. One must make choices, as each 24 hours seems to fly by at record speed!

MW joined her bro with the grandparents for the weekend which left me and T BY OURSELVES!!! (Don’t get me wrong…I missed them and all, but there is something so nice about a little time off…no baths to give, no diapers to change, uninterrupted conversations without S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G anything…)

I got my dutch oven. Our "drop off/meeting point" was a mere mile or so away from a fine cooking store (since I've hunted every store in our little town for exactly what I had in mind and came up empty handed...). And guess what? That oh so fine cooking store had exactly what I wanted. We were in and out in about five minutes. It would've been about two minutes longer, except that AFTER making a large purchase (that dutch oven was a touch on the pricey side)... and being obviously pregnant...I asked where their restroom was and THEY WOULD NOT LET ME USE THEIR BATHROOM!!! Instead, I was pointed in the direction of the "public toilets." (I'd like to mention that I have nothing against using a "public toilet," it was simply the fact that I had just dropped that chunk of change in their store...) Had they refused their bathroom prior to my paying for the pot (no pun intended) I would have put it right back on the shelf and walked out. If you're a paying customer...you ought to be allowed to use the bathroom. 

But anyway...I got the pot and tried out another F.O.S. (French Onion Soup) recipe...closer, but not a home run. Will keep at it. However, I am quite smitten with my new pot...make that in love with my new pot! We'll be eating a lot of soups and stews around here in the weeks to come. She is quite fantastic! (Not to mention I get an upper body work out moving her around...she's quite heavy!!!) 

We ate dinner at a Mexican Restaurant on the way into town and wow...how fabulous to share dinner with my man, to eat the entire bowl of cheese dip -just the two of us...and to talk and not have to take any little ones out, etc. It was simply romantic. Even the car ride was romantic.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early. I actually dressed semi-cute and put on makeup (being childless made this a date of sorts) and we went to the best ever garage sale...we bought yards of fabric for me to make bedding for the little man's room (only, it has just occurred to me that if this baby is a boy, they will eventually be sharing a room...and I didn't buy enough for two duvet covers...hmmm....perhaps I'll hold off until July for that one. I also got some awesome scraps of material that I'll be using for various projects...

So we left the garage sale and headed to the gun show (so as to keep things "even"). As we drove away I mentioned just how much I LOVED a certain table and chairs...a brand new table and chairs...French Country...and my sweet husband turned the car around and drove me right back to that garage sale. We made an offer that was accepted. Immediately the sellers husband pulled their trailer around and loaded the table and chairs...well...another shopper got upset and declared she was going to buy the table. So I jokingly mentioned to her that I had a table and chairs I'd be selling since we'd bought this new set. So...she followed us back to our house, took one look at the table I wanted to sell, sat in one of the chairs, and said, SOLD. While she and her husband drove to the bank to retrieve their cash, T and the seller unloaded and moved our new table and chairs into the house and then loaded up our old table and chairs into the trailer...the couple returned, paid us cash, and headed off on their merry way. Wow. How fun is that??? So we moved our old kitchen table into my office and how sweet it is to have a HUGE work surface!!!

Ok, so then we went to the gun show. I have decided that if things get really bad, like crazy war in the streets of America...I'd like to bring my kids and hang out with the gun show crowd. Those were some sweet, gun toting, normal (ok, I saw one scary looking guy) people. We were there almost three hours and looked at hundreds of guns. We had a few people ask if this was our "first" (pregnancy) - and one guy told us we looked like newlyweds and asked us how long we'd been married...I suppose that's what a little time away from the daily grind will yield. T picked up a few gun accessories and we headed home...

We spent the afternoon playing. T with gun stuff and me with cleaning out the office and re-organizing...it looks so much nicer!!! And then I broke out the sewing machine and finally made a few zippered bags and two tote bags and trimmed a few burp cloths...other than stepping out for a few hours for dinner, we played...until 1:30am!!! 

Sunday afternoon I was back in the office playing and T went shooting with two friends...from what I gather, I believe they played cowboys and indians and maybe a little "soldiers." Needless to say...he came home at 5:35 grinning from ear to ear. He was a very happy man.

And now the little ones are home. The house is picked up. Laundry is going again. Yesterday I was freshly reminded that these are the days...the days when making it to the store and doing the few things I did yesterday are quite an accomplishment. Oh - and I did spend some time on the elliptical machine last night...I'm telling you that in part to hold myself accountable. Three times a week is my goal...recovery was so much better with the little man than it was with MW...and I faithfully exercised during my pregnancy with him... And so...as we crawled into bed I commented on how little I had accomplished. With a grin on his face, T turned to me and reminded me that's because our children are back. I suppose investing in their lives is accomplishing something! Hmm...I've got to stop looking to a checked off "to-do" list for my significance/fulfillment. Somehow I believe I'll battle that one for a lifetime.

Oh...and we did enjoy dinner alfresco last night! Who can resist this weather and a little more sunlight.

(above shot taken by MW)

(above shot taken by MW)

(above shot taken by MW)

Oh well...I should be working on layouts right now. I have something very important that will be drawing me to Memphis sometime in the next week or two...in fact, I got two calls with a 901 area code today and flipped out. I just knew it was Katie or Matt calling to tell me Mary Thomas was making her entry. Nope. Not the case. However, I don't believe I've ever been so excited to answer the phone!!!

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  1. Can not believe the table story!!!! How awesome!