Friday, January 9, 2009

What a Week!

A few days ago, on the way home from grocery shopping, MW piped up from the backseat and started telling me about these men who were naked and had really hairy backs. “They just had too much hair on their back, Mama. And they were naked and they were hairy.”

Of course, I was a bit startled. Naked men with hairy backs? What???

And then she continued…”they were building a house and they were just naked with hairy backs and they were crawling all over the roof.”

And then it hit me…we’d passed a house that was being re-roofed.

Ha, ha, ha.

Mom gave MW the American Girl movie, Samantha. MW and I settled in with popcorn and candy for a little “movie night.” She’d already seen it several times and after about the first twenty or so minutes she looked over at me and said, “I just wish you and daddy would die so I could be adopted. Wouldn’t that be so fun?”

On another note... MW was telling me and T about how she is practicing being helpful for when the baby comes. She's been clearing the dinner table, washing dishes, dusting, etc. (yes, it IS great!!!) And then she pipes up and asks if she can help change the baby's diaper...and then she adds that if the "baby is born with one of those little boy parts, I just don't want to change it's diaper."

Yesterday little man stood up in the tub with his tug boat in hand, chunked that thing to the other side and then did a complete face plant/belly flop into the water…he gave me a good scare, but came up grinning from ear to ear.

A few weeks before Christmas we went ahead and set up T’s twin bed from childhood and put a new mattress and box springs on it…the room was a bit out of order with the headboard of the twin bed butted up against the wide side of the crib. Little man hopped up there on that twin bed before we could stop him, grabbed the headboard, bounced three times and then went headfirst over the headboard and into the crib. I was terrified he’d have a broken neck. He came up fine, a bit shaken and screaming, but overall, fine.

Scout does not care for the mailman...and she always jumps up on the window and growls at him...and he has told me he's afraid she's going to break the window...and the other day I heard the familiar low growl....and then a loud shatter....she broke a window pane...our poor mailman. So now we have two broken window panes in the living room, only this time I was out of clear we have dilbert tape and cardboard over this's real nice!

And since my original post has taken me days to get up…one more MW story. Tuesday night we put her to bed and told her to go straight to sleep. She could only come downstairs if there was an emergency or she’d already gone to sleep. So…about fifteen minutes after putting her to bed we heard little footsteps treading down the stairs…T prepared to greet her…and as she entered the kitchen she said, “It’s an emergency and I need you. There’s a sticker up my nose.”

WHAT??? Didn’t we just cover not putting stuff up your nose with the little guy in our carpool??? She knows not to put stuff up her nose.

To make a long story short, she has a sore on the inside edge of her nostril and so she put a little Hello Kitty flower shaped sticker on there as a “bandaid.” Only, it sort of slipped up into her nose.

I had her tilt her head back so I could look for it. There it was. T went to get the tweezers and a flash light and while he was away I told MW to take a deep breath through her mouth (and I demonstrated for her) and then blow out through her nose (again, I demonstrated…) so she sucks in as hard as she can….THROUGH HER NOSE! She snorted the sticker waaaaaaaay up there. So far up we couldn’t see it anymore…

Very long story short…after talking with the after hours nurse and being told we needed to go to the ER…we got up with a friend who is an ENT. After getting all the details he recommended a good night’s sleep, a few squirts of Afrin the next day – the thought being that she probably already swallowed it, but in case it’s still up there, the Afrin will loosen it and send it on down, and then if we notice some funky drainage in the next few weeks, we’ll know it’s still up there and we’ll take her in for him to retrieve it.…so far no funky drainage. I think she’ll be just fine.

There were a few other exciting moments this week. I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say, I am most thankful for three sweet friends who have been willing to drop everything to help me out…THREE times this week. Babysitting, literally, at the last minute twice…and one brought us dinner Thursday night. Thank y’all! I appreciate you SO MUCH!!!

Happy weekend to you all!

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  1. And I appreciate YOU! :) Love the naked, hairy backs. Bet you were startled!!!
    I would have been. :)