Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bank

Ok, first, this is the only shot I got of our garland...and I hadn't finished putting the lights up. That's MW dancing and singing Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs. Ok. Just wanted to get that shot in.

Onto blogging...

Tonight as I neared the den I could hear MW talking...I'm not sure to whom...she was alone. I sat down on the sofa and she hurriedly approached me with her dog carrier purse thing, in which she'd placed a yellow shower cap, which she'd twisted and "sealed" with a hair clip. The shower cap was filled with foil covered chocolate coins.

MW: Now Mom, you're going to have to pay the bank this money.

Me: Why?

MW: Well, the bank just doesn't have enough money.

Me: What do you mean?

MW: Well, they just don't have enough money and if you don't give them this money then they won't be able to give little children suckers anymore.

Hee, hee, hee. She made me laugh so hard. She made me realize that while so many adults are worried about the economy, our children (at least mine) are worried about banks running out of suckers.

On another MW note...tonight T and I sat in her room while she cleaned it. (I've made a declaration. We're having a third child and I am no longer physically, mentally, or emotionally willing to clean up after every family member...I am finished. Done. That is it. If you don't put it away yourself, our friends at the local thrift store will they did tonight!) Um, anyway, we were sitting in there while she struggled to put her things away (did I mention she asked for a servant for Christmas..."to put all my stuff away." I think we have a little problem.) Um, anyway, so we're sitting there discussing ideas for rearranging her room. We haven't done anything to the room itself since moving into this house. It has dark green carpeting, brown plaid wall paper on a few walls, brown paisley wall paper on a few other walls, a border with wolves, whales, and rocks and trees...oh and a few eagles and other random animals...and some areas are painted with one coat of a very aqua greenish color paint. Oh, and the wallpaper is peeling in various places. It's really quite lovely. So anyway, here T and I are talking and MW pipes up and tells us not to take down the wallpaper.

We asked why and she informed us that..."I just love looking at those woods and those animals. I like to pretend that I am in a magical forest and the trees all have Christmas lights on them and the animals talk to me and there are angels all over in the sky."

So tonight, as I tucked her into bed and prayed with her, I decided to start praying that no matter what trials and sufferings, what sorrows or broken heartedness God has planned for our little MW, that He will always keep the wonder and awe of her imagination and love for life alive...that He might nurture that in her.

So...I've been away for quite a while. MS is almost totally gone. She certainly isn't a full time visitor anymore. (HOORAY!!!!!) I'm getting back on track. I'm just passed 14 weeks. Wow. It seems like forever, on the other hand, it seems like we just found out.

I hope to post about Christmas and our holiday activitis in general...but we'll see.

T and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday!!! Yea! We had a fabulous dinner...I'm obsessed with French Onion Soup and there's a restaurant in town that makes the best ever! It's my very favorite thing to eat. So T went by and picked up a bowl of that for me to go along with filets wrapped in bacon, asparagus, and a big bowl of ice cream. (Thanks babe!) We also rented 24 (season 5) and made a weekend marathon of it...stayed up until 2:30 am Friday night, 12 am Sat. night and we finished it this afternoon...and rented season 6...we're hopeless. It's so fun!

Ok, Happy New Year to you!


  1. I love the comments from MW. Where do you get your FO soup? It is a favorite of mine too. We need to do a FO soup lunch together and catch up sometime. Your garland looked beautiful.

  2. Glad the sickness is going away for ya. I love MW's room also, it always made the perfect guest room when we came, and we never paid any attention to the colors! Sleep is easy to find in that room, very peaceful. The other room was great too. I'd say MW has it made up there! I am with ya on the cleaning up after everyone. We want another too, but I can't do it all. Anyhow, glad you had a nice anniversary!

  3. Ha, I understand the marathon and staying up way to late to watch them. Scott and I recently joined the Lost fan club, and we have watched like 4 seasons in about 6 weeks. I can't get anything done for our addiction to the show :)
    MW cracks me up so much! I wish I could see her and listen to her talk :)

  4. When you come visit me I have the perfect place to take you for a delicious bowl of French Onion Soup (a favorite of mine as well)!

  5. Glad you're starting to feel better! Do you guys like to find out??


  6. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 5th! Blessings, sarah B.